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Monday, February 23, 2009

Got Guns?

Dammit, I love guns. I just wanted all yall to know that I love guns. I carry guns. I think all yall should carry as well.

Why carry a gun?

1. It is my second amendment right to do so. I don't buy into all that liberal BS of the second amendment meaning a militia etc.

2. Shooting someone is a hell of a lot easier than whipping out your best karate move. 20 years ago the karate move might have been a lot more fun, but my joints just don't move nearly as well as they used to.

3. It just pisses liberals off when they think you carry. Anytime you can piss off a liberal, it is worth it.

Look at my guns. Here's my Ruger P-90 9mm. It's big, it's heavy, and hard to conceal. Good for home or truck but not to carry. But it would surely put a nice hole in you. You gotta remember if you have chambered the first round and you gotta remember to take the safety off if Osama is charging you.

Here are my/her Taurus ultralight titanium 38 specials. They only weigh 13oz unloaded and you can put them in your pocket or purse. In my humble opinion these are good carry weapons. They are light, they have a lot less kick than the 9mm, and being a revolver, you don't have to worry if there is a round in the chamber or if the safety is on. I imagine if I ever really had to shoot someone, I'd be shaking like a dog sh*tting peach seeds and would not want to have to remember those previously mentioned things. The 38 cal hollow points ought to stop most intruders.

Best of all, my sweet wifey and I have matching ultralight 38's. Mine is silver, hers is gold! Ain't that just precious?

Here are my 22's. The bolt action rifle (left) is one I have had since I was a kid. (Imagine that! I was a child and I had a gun!) The semi auto 22 (right) is a rifle my father had. It has a hand carved stock and is very pretty.

Finally my 22 pistol with the 4 inch barrel is a very nice and accurate weapon. 22's are actually pretty good guns to have around. The ammo is small and cheap. They kick very little and are quiet. 22 rounds or the threat of them will deter most terrorists and muggers.

The final weapon is the 12 gauge shotgun. This is probably the optimum weapon for home defense. When the terrorist is beating down your door it won't matter if you're nervous and can't take good aim. Just point the thing in the general direction and fire away. Chances are you'll get a piece of him. Even if you miss, the boom will likely scare the hell out of him.

Here's a picture of me shooting an AK-47. It's not mine, sigh!

I am a fisherman, not a hunter, but I sure love my guns. It's a good thing that sane and sensible people like me own guns! God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment!


  1. Sure makes me miss the 'good old days' when I had one of just about everything. Used to spend time at the South Coast Rifle Range at least once a month. Like The Grouch, though, I was a fisherman and not a hunter. Really miss my S&W M29 Silhouette model.

  2. Maybe the Uzi one day sweetie. Sounds like you had lotsa fun at the rifle range DDubya.

  3. I love my S&W M&P9 and Browning Buckmark .22!

    Reason #3 is enough, just by itself, to get your Concealed carry permit!

  4. Sure did, Thomas! My first was a Mossberg model 26A 22LR bolt action when I was at CSULB. A classmate in my Beginning Illustration 171A class sold it to me. (The class professor, Ernie Kollar, was one of the designers of the first Apollo space capsule. It took a secretary to notice they forgot to put a DOOR in it!) First place I fired it was at the Long Beach Police Pistol Range. Ah, the good ole days!