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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sea Kitten Killer Part 1 followup

Just so nobody gets bruised feeling over the mass murder of Crappie Sea Kittens, be advised that Crappie are very prolific fish, especially in closed habitats like lakes and ponds. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, without predators (bigger fish and sea kitten killers), the species would rapidly overpopulate and die.

Now don't you just feel better?


  1. So how did you cook these Sea Kittens? Tonight I made Sea Kitten Stew. Very tasty. Our cat Kara loved it. She just loves her Sea Kittens. But wouldn't that be canabalism?

  2. Findalis, for cooking info you had better consult the blogmistress at Right Truth.

  3. I usually dust the filets lightly in cornmeal, salt, pepper, and deep fry. He always filets all the fish he catches.

    I have cooked "blackened" catfish filets in the oven and even smoked some on our outdoor smoker. YUM YUM.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. Sounds wonderful. Got to try that some time.