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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Fresh Breath of Rush

I listened to Rush Limbaugh address CPAC on the Fox News Channel yesterday. As always, it was like a breath of fresh air. The speech was scheduled to run for 20 minutes and it ended up going for like an hour and twenty minutes, and the crowd was loving every minute of it.

Rush takes constant criticism from the looney left and from many out there who have heard what an "evil, right wing, bigot, homophobe" he is but have never bothered to listen to him on their own.

I was laughing at the left wing commentator on Fox yesterday trying to explain Rush away as "entertainment" never admitting for a minute that everything he said was absolutely correct.

As I said above, Rush is frequently criticized by people who have never actually taken the time to sit and listen to him. He challenges people to make the time to listen and try to listen to his show for a couple of weeks before passing judgement on him.

For me it did not take that long. I remember the very first time I heard Rush on the radio. It was probably in late 1988 or 1989. I was sitting in the airport in Dyersburg, Tennessee, waiting while the mechanic did some work on my small airplane. The local radio station was playing over the intercom in the FBO and on the air was some dude talking. I did not pay much attention at first but as he went on, it dawned on me that this man was saying everything in my current belief system. That man was Rush Limbaugh.

My most favorite thing about Rush is that he pisses liberals off and knows just exactly which of their buttons to push. Anytime you can piss off a liberal, it is a very good thing.

If you believe in life and liberty, the power and greatness of the individual, the greatness of America, and the horror of our bloated and intrusive federal gubment, you'll like Rush.

If you can't listen to Rush on your radio, I'd strongly encourage you to subscribe to his website, http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/, and set up your computer to receive the daily podcast. The podcast condenses the normal 3 hour show down to about an hour and 45 minutes (no commercials). Sweet wifey and I are faithful listeners. Sometimes he leaves us happy, and sometimes mad, but usually always smiling. Check it out!

(By the way, it is my understanding that all the proceeds from his website go to charity.)


  1. You can watch Rush at CPAC on YouTube:

    Hat tip to Stormin's Morning Java:


    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. We are total Rushie's in this family!!

    We get his podcasts....

    his and Glenn Beck's.

  3. I'm a big Rush fan, first came across him while working Walmart's home office in northwest Arkansas in the 1980's, I travel the entire southern part of the country then, helping to set up stores and distributions centers---he was a great companion in those day. A true conservative, not a fence straddler.