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Friday, April 17, 2009

Amber Alerts on my NOAA Weather Radio! Why?

Last night the weather radio went off three times within 15 minutes to tell us about an amber alert on some kid in Memphis.

My questions:

1. What do amber alerts have to do with weather?

2. Why transmit amber alerts on NOAA weather radio?

3. Why do they broadcast the alert 3 times in 15 minutes?

4. Now that I have heard the amber alert, what am I gonna do about it anyway? Go out and search for the kid? Memphis is over 100 miles away from here!

So we ended up turning the NOAA radio off and likely won't remember to turn it back on for a few days. I wonder how many people have been surprised by a tornado cause they turned their weather radio off to not hear amber alerts?

I wonder what liberal came up with the idea of broadcasting amber alerts on NOAA weather radio?

A little while ago on my myspace page, I got a popup advising me there was an amber alert for my area.......


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