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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Puppies Past

After my post on our baby, Penelope, it's only fair that I remember past babies that have gone on to the rainbow bridge. Nothing specifically is mentioned in the Bible about an afterlife for our four legged friends, but I happen to believe that God in His infinite wisdom would provide a place for them and I hope let us enjoy their company once again when our time here is over. So with that here are some of our friends that sweet wifey and I remember so dearly:


Miss Prissy was actually our second beagle. We had a little beagle named Shorty who was dumped at our doorstep. We did not keep Shorty but ended up finding another home for him. Miss Prissy was beautiful, smart, and sweet. In fact, I think sweet wifey might have loved that dog more than me. She gave us nine years of joy. We lost her last November to heart and kidney failure.


Precious was a half German Shepherd, half lab mix. She gave us 13 years of joy. At her peak she was huge, weighing in at almost 150 puunds. Precious and I had a special relationship. She appointed herself as my special protector. When I fell and broke my hip in 1997, she placed herself behind me in the yard where I had fallen and let me lean on her until the paramedics arrived. After that, anytime I would sit down in the yard to work on my boat trailer or other things, she would come running and would stay with me until she was sure I was okay. Precious left us last December and I just like to say she died at the end of a long and happy life.


Although she did not look like it, Puddin was Precious' sister. She was big also and topped out at near 120 pounds. She was most beautiful, had German Shepherd coloring, and was symmetrical(one side of Puddin looked like the other). Puddin was "high spirited" and often found herself getting into some kind of trouble and sticking her nose in places where it did not belong, but that was just Puddin. Puddin was a favorite with the neighbors, and before she got sick, she would take daily walks and "visit" with everybody around. We lost Puddin in September of 2007. Her back end became paralyzed and she could no longer do the things she liked.

All these dogs brought us great joy. They all had unique personalities as does our sweet Penny now. It was really hard to give them up, but I'm hopeful we'll see them again one day.

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  1. Each of these dogs were sweet, good, smart, protective (well not Prissy). They sure are missed, but Penelope is a sweetheart and keeps us smiling.


    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth