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Friday, April 17, 2009

WARNING! Happy Right Wing Extremist

Well the Department of Homeland Security has declared that people who are pro-life and/or anti-immigrant may be a threat to national security. I guess that makes me a right wing extremist fanatic.

Here are a few other things I believe. See if you might be a right wing extremist fanatic too!

1. I believe in gun rights and the second amendment.
2. I believe the only function of the federal gubment should be to print money and defend the shores. Just think how small the federal budget would be if that was all it did. If the federal gubment is not given a power to perform a function by the constitution, it should not be performing that function. The federal gubment should mind its own business, get its hand out of my pocket and stay out of my way.
3. I believe in the power and the ingenuity of the individual and an economy driven by the free market. I do not believe in the gubment. The gubment creates nothing and the gubment produces nothing.
4. I believe public schools and the NEA should be disbanded and the entire education system privatized. Let schools compete against each other in the free market. Failing schools would quickly fall by the wayside.
5. I believe in peace through strength. There are bad people out there who want to kill us and hurt us simply because of who we are. Our military strength and technology should receive top priority. To give up our nuclear arsenal and talk to our enemies without precondition is a recipe for disaster.
6. The income tax and the IRS should be dissolved. Instead we should have the Fair Tax. Go HERE to read about it.

The federal gubment has become bloated and intrusive. Rick Perry, the governor of Texas declared that the federal gubment is intruding on the sovereignty of his state and suggested secession as a possible remedy. Many in the main stream media declared that Perry was a nut. I think he should be applauded and receive a medal.

Indeed the next civil war has begun. It won't be like the last one. It will be fought behind the scenes and from within. The bloated federal gubment will eventually collapse upon itself as it spends itself into oblivion as the people who prefer to sit on their respective asses with their hands out outnumber the hard working Americans who produce and drive this country forward.

So you're calling me a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST FANATIC?

You're damned right!

If you're a right wing extremist fanatic too, leave me a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Geraldo Rivera (bloviating gas bag) was ripping Perry a new one for making that statement about Texas. But to my surprise Geraldo was not the only one on Fox deriding Perry.

    I've been hearing and reading much about people around the US who would love to have a separation from the Liberal America. I don't see how it would work out in reality, but it's a dream.

    The Left better be worried, there are a lot more of these right-wing Conservatives than they know.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth