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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Double Standard

Well I gotta go to the driver license testing center before June and renew my hand gun carry permit. They require either a certified copy of my birth certificate or a valid passport, otherwise I can't renew my permit.

Funny the liberal bastards in high places in the gubment have no problem making me show ID when I want to excercise my second amendment rights while these same liberal bastards will have a hissy fit at the suggestion we require proper ID in order to vote. Wouldn't want to disenfranchise some illegal alien would we?

Something stinks!


  1. Big city political machines would collapse if voter identification measures were installed. I took note of a video of a recent election in Mexico--at the polling site they had large books with photos of all the registered votes and would compare then with the people who showed up to vote, additionally the voters all had purple thumbs when leaving the polls. We are far behind Mexico in preventing election fraud.