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Friday, May 29, 2009

Hit with the Ugly Stick

Man oh man! Not only did Barry Obama pick a racist to sit on the Supreme Court, but I'm here to tell ya that Sonya Sotomayor is one UGLY broad!


Whew! I betcha when she was born the doctor slapped her momma instead of her.

I have to say that when she fell out of the ugly tree, she hit every branch on the way down.

Barry could have picked the current Solicitor General of the United States, Elena Kagan. Now there's a real hottie!


Man! You could hide the Goodyear blimp inside that nose!

Ever heard the old saying, "She was so ugly that her bowels didn't know which way to move!" ??

No wonder liberal men and lesbians are always angry!



  1. I remember an email that went around a few years ago with images of women, Democrats and Republicans, showing how much easier on the eyes Republican women are.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Well, I personally would much rather have an EDUCATED woman in government vs. some small town beauty queen or valley girl. Not saying it is impossible to be both, but the only nuggets of wisdom I hear most of these girls spout is "tan fat is better than pale fat". (yes, that is a direct quote)

    And what about the double standard? Male politicians do not get judged with the same scrutiny. Hell, Kennedy was probably the last attractive President that we have had - some think Obama is if that is your thing. Like him and his policies or not, I am sure he got some votes for being an "attractive" black man who looks good on television...

    Now, is that right? Do you really want the better looking candiate to always get the spot?

  3. Aw relax, Casey. The whole post is meant in a humourous light. However, THEY ARE UGLY!

    Margaret Thatcher is a favorite political figure of mine. She ain't pretty to look at but she was strong, resolved, conservative, and extremely intelligent.

    Sotomayor on the other hand is NOT qualified. Her opinions have been overturned by the Supreme Court 60 percent of the time.

    Her claim to be a better judge than a WHITE MALE is purely racist. She has no place on the court.

    I'd feel the same way about her if she were a 10.

  4. Lol, well, I would have to agree that she seems to be racist... hopefully she will prove us wrong