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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living to be Offended

You know the type. There are people out there that wake up every day wondering what they can be offended about next. There are plenty of people who get their itty-bitty feelings hurt over the slightest little thing.

I was reading a story on sweet wifey's blog about an African immigrant who was offended by a coworker's American flag. Of course the person was made to take the flag down. I commented that the solution to this problem was easy. The African immigrant should have been told:

"F#ck off! If you don't like it, get your ass back to Africa!"

And of course there are the Muslims. Now if you wanna be a Muslim that's fine with me, just don't insist that I have to make allowances for you and if someone draws a cartoon of Mohammed, don't run around screeching and threatening to cut their head off. There are plenty of insults levied everyday against Christians and Jews. These pass pretty much without notice.

And then there is the old Confederate battle flag. OMG if you display this flag, you must be a hate filled racist! Well, in the first place, I'm sure there are many folks with Confederate flags who indeed are hate filled racists. I betcha there are more without flags who are also hate filled racists. SO WHAT!?!?! I guess if you wanna be a hate filled racist, you have every right to be that way. GET OVER IT!

I'm waiting for Barack Hussein and his buddies in the Democommunistocrat party to try and ban the Confederate flag. As soon as they do, I'll be the first to go out and get one. There's a buncha rednecks around here with flags, pickup trucks, and guns who would not take kindly to such a declaration.

I'm not a racist. I hate everyone equally. The Confederate flag to me represents tradition and state's rights, not hatred. But what if I was a hate filled racist with a flag???? SO WHAT??? GET OVER IT! My having a flag is not going to interfere with your quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness one bit.

There is nothing in the Constitution that protects you from getting your feelings hurt!

Frankly, I like easily offended people. I make it a point to say and do things to piss them off. One reason I carry a gun is just to piss off some liberal. I hope someone out there right now is just ringing their hands in disgust after reading this post. If that be the case, then I have done my job!



  1. Another great rant.

    The truth is Christianity and Judism are under attack around the world, and it's getting worse. Look at the couple who were having a Bible study in their home, they were told they could not do that any more.

    ""A local pastor and his wife claim they were interrogated by a San Diego County official, who then threatened them with escalating fines if they continued to hold bible studies in their home, 10News reported.""


    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth


    i'm good friends with the owners of the "faubus motel" here in arkansas - they put a rebel flag up the day snowjobama was elected - and WHAT a bunch of flack they've received - personally, i would have just turned my american flag upside down denoting distress.

  3. I don't fly the confederate flag, but I keep one in the house and also a Mississippi flag that also has the stars and bars on it. I'm a Civil War (prefer to call it "The War for Southern Independence) buff. Guess that came from teaching American histroy for a number of years.
    Like you I speak my mind with little or no regard to PC.

    Checked my pagerank today and it went from 0 to 4. Thats due in large to supporters like Debbie and other who gave me a listing on their blogrolls despite mine being a young blog---tell Debbie thanks for me. I was by earlier, but forgot to mention it.

  4. Thanks nanc and ron. I guess I ought to get a Confederate flag to hold in reserve for the day that Barry bans them.