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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Problem with the NRA

My friend Lizzard was "kind" enough to email me the newsletter of the NRA (National Rifle Association). The thing about Lizzard is that he along with a lot of other people enjoy hitting the "forward" button in their email program, thereby sending everything they think interesting, outrageous, or funny, to everyone down the line. Problem is that 95 percent of the time, I don't want to see it, or have seen it already, or didn't think it was that funny the first time, but alas this is a topic for another post.

I joined the NRA some time early last year. I thought I needed to lend my support. At the time it looked like the communist candidate would either be Hillary or Barack. Either way I figured election of one of those might spell trouble for the second amendment.

So they sent me a package full of stuff I mainly didn't care about and a sticker for my truck and the monthly magazine which I do skim through.

When to my dismay, John McCain was chosen as the Wimplican candidate and only after he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I sent John's campaign a hefty contribution, not because I gave a hoot in hell for McCain, but because I hated Hussein Obama and figured the country would go down the tubes with him as president (I have not changed my mind). Shortly after that, I began getting phone calls from the NRA. They missed me the first two or three times they called, but sweet wifey talked to them on my behalf. They really did not want to talk to her but rather said they would try me again later.

They finally did catch me at home. The female voice on the other end after reciting her perfectly rehearsed speech proceeded to ask me how much money I was going to send her on behalf of the McCain campaign. I told her I was not planning on sending her any money. I told her I had already sent McCain a hefty contribution.

Without even taking so much as a single breath, she proceeded to tell me that I needed to "contribute again" stating that the second amendment depended on my support. When I again declined, she in so many words insinuated that I was not doing my patriotic duty.

Doncha just hate people who won't take NO for an answer and then try and berate you when you offer no other reply? In any case, the GROUCH in me finally took over and I told her I was done talking to her and that she needed to take me off the call list and never call me again for any reason. Rest assured, I will flame you mercilessly if you finally piss me off!

After that I got on the computer and went to the NRA website and proceeded to send them a scorching email. I said something to the effect:

1. I don't remember when I joined NRA that one of the conditions was that I'd be put on some damned call list.

2. I don't appreciate being hounded by your staff to contribute money to any cause for any reason.

3. Thanks to you, John McCain will not get another damned penny from me! (I actually had thought about contributing again, mainly cause I like Palin.)

4. Don't ever contact me again for any reason, and don't expect me to renew my membership!

Guess what their reply was:

Nothing, zero, zip, nada......

I never heard a word. Not even an, "oh so sorry," not even a, "kiss our ass," .....NOTHING!

I dunno when my NRA membership expires, but I'm done with them. Boy I sure do hate telecallers. I hate even more being ignored.



  1. You can't get the callers off their script, you might as well hang up on them, that's about all they understand.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Well, unfortunately, I have to agree with you. But lets throw AARP in with them. I am a long time member of NRA and have belonged to AARP for a few years also (I was fool enough to join for 5 years).
    If they would only keep the money they blow on postage, printing and phone calls, they wouldn't NEED any more money!
    I will probably keep putting up with the NRA, they are the only friend gun owners have, but after my AARP expires, they are toast!

  3. Yeah, after 35 some years as a member of NRA, I finally didn't renew. Why? Last year they spent who knows how much money sending out a "personal defense course" video, unsolicited, and then had the gall to hound me to pay for the thing...several times!! I finally sent it back and they STILL hounded me for payment...I thought, if they have the money to pursue dumb ass stuff like that, they probably don't need mine. Sad, the demise of a once great organization for gun owners...tsk, tsk.


  4. Thanx Booger and Lizzard for the comments. I'm waiting when renew time come round and they start calling me and sending me junque in the mail. I'll have some fun with them.