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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun at Arby's

If yall read my junk here, you know that I like Arby's roast beast sammiches. If you wanna have a little fun, go in there and get ready to order, and begin by saying,

"I want this to eat here."

Give them your order, and then finish up by saying,

"I want this to eat here."

9 times out of 10 the little pimply faced teenager behind the counter will say,

"Do you want this to eat here or to go?"

Try it! Obviously the management at Arby's has figured out that it is easy to program pimply faced teenagers, and once you get them programmed, there is no way for them to abort their programming.

Unfortunately, some of these pimply faced teenagers go on to become college students where liberal professors successfully program their little skulls full of mush with left wing crapola, and they gradjiate college thinking all that crapola is the truth. Never mind they have had no real world experience.

It's not just Arby's. I got mad at some pimply faced illegal immigrant teenager at a Wendy's in Florida cause she axed me about 3 times in broken English if I wanted to make my order into a "BIGGIE". I finally got mad and told her if I wanted a BIGGIE anything I would let her know. She was so flustered that she couldn't ask me about a BIGGIE anymore that she axed me if I wanted to talk to the manager.......SIGH!

I told the manager who was not much more than a pimply faced teenager that I was really irritated that she kept axing be if I wanted to BIGGIE my order.

The manager said I could have a BIGGIE at no extra charge.......SIGH!


  1. That's the New America. Born brainless, raised brainless, taught by the brainless, graduate brainless, work brainless, vote brainless. Hello there, Obama!

  2. Maybe they have seen ya nekkid?

  3. But,
    you're right! The young of America are programmed by their employers to recite, verbatem, their speeches! Do you want to upsize, do you want fries with that, etc.
    HELL! They ought to teach them how to make change! If the cash register doesn't tell them how many pennies, nickles, dimes,ETC to give in change, you are apt to get ANYTHING back!
    While I'm on this, why do they ALWAYS hand you the receipt, bills and change at ONCE? They DO NOT ALL GO IN THE SAME PLACE!!!
    Then they roll their little eyes back into their heads while you stand there and sort it out for proper distribution!

  4. It's the same way with the political volunteers that do phone banks etc. You get them off their script, ask them an intelligent question, or offer a comment in the middle of their spiel, they never recover.

    (ummmmm, Arbys)

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth