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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Skeeters Here

Here is your weekly health tip from Dr. Grouch. For those of you troubled by pesky mosquitoes during the warm months, might I suggest a combination of niacin (vitamin B3) and garlic.

I take a gram of niacin twice daily for my cholesterol and also a gram of odorless garlic twice daily. The role of niacin in raising HDL (good cholesterol) is clear. The benefit of garlic on cholesterol is a little more fuzzy.

Anyway, a nice side effect of this combination for me is that it seems to repel mosquitoes. The little buggers will sometimes swarm around me, sniffing of my breath, but it is a rarity that one will ever land. Since I've been taking niacin and garlic, I can't remember ever having to use insect repellent. Yall probably know by now that I have poor taste. The mosquitoes apparently think so too.

There is documentation of B vitamins repelling mosquitoes, but most of this has been focused on B1 (thiamine). I dunno if it is the combo of niacin and garlic or one or the other, but it works for me.

I heard that after Barack pushes through his gubment health plan, he will mandate that all of you start taking niacin and garlic to reduce the incidence of St. Louis encephalitis and malaria, so you might as well start taking it now.


  1. Mosquitoes love me, I walk out the door and my arms and legs are like a breakfast buffet at Shoneys...

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. SO! You contradict my OTHER docs advice saying Niacin causes numbness, tingling of the feet, aka neuropathy?
    Thas awrite, I discounted it also.
    I only take 500 mg, but since you take 2, I mought join ya!
    I allus kinda figgered garlic was gowood fer ya also.

  3. Debbie, you are too sweet. Skeeters are ALWAYS gonna love you!

  4. I knew about the garlic, I seen enough of the old vampire movies to know that it repells the blood-suckers. Use to live in south Louisiana and notices the locals, some call them cajuns, used a lot of garlic, the little blood suckers didn't bite, they didn't even lite. The swamps of south Louisiana are full of gators and skeeters and cajuns eating garlic with all their food---now we know why.

    That skeeter on Obama's head is out-of-luck. That's a dry hole.

  5. Ron, that's funny about Obama's head ... but right on the mark.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth