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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

The Chest Pain Center dedication was really nice. It was even nicer for me than expected. I was presented by Saint Thomas Hospital Chest Pain Network, a football autographed by Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

This was in appreciation for all of MY hard work. Let me tell you that my hard work was only a small part of the effort that went into our accreditation. I told Norene, the administrator, that as soon as she could provide an appropriate display case, that I would put the football there for all to enjoy.

What a nice day, a classy gift from a classy coach of a classy team to a classy hard working bunch of healthcare professionals!


  1. BT, for all your faults, and there are many, I have never accused you of being a lazy person. I am sure you worked hard on this as did your staff. Congratulations on being recognized, and even more congratulations on all of you for improving health care in West TN. I do applaud ALL OF YALL!

  2. Thanks Lizzurd. That's mighty white of you to say so.

  3. I am a mighty white kind of guy!

  4. It was a very nice ceremony and the football was the envy of every guy and most of the women there, ha. It is very nice of you to give it to the hospital so everyone can enjoy it.

    And you look so cute too.

    Right Truth
    Right Truth