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Monday, June 22, 2009

So Proud to be standing next to Barack!

I got this bit of nonsense today from the American Heart Association. I sure do get tired of busybodies figuring out what is good for me. In the last 57 years, I've done a pretty good job of figuring that out for myself. Read my reply to Nancy Brown at the end of the letter.

Today, we’re celebrating a monumental victory in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Representing the American Heart Association’s 22 million volunteers, supporters and dedicated staff, AHA President Dr. Timothy Gardner and I were thrilled to stand with President Obama at the White House as he signed the bipartisan Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This legislation represents another huge step toward breaking the deadly cycle of tobacco addiction that leads to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke for millions of Americans.

This bill, which had tremendous support from Republicans and Democrats alike, will give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the clear authority to regulate the manufacturing, advertising and promotion of tobacco products in order to protect public health. The bill also focuses on limiting advertising that targets our kids. It is estimated that the legislation will result in an eleven percent decline in underage smoking over the next decade and will significantly reduce the annual $100 billion cost for tobacco-related illnesses in the U.S.

Why is this legislative victory so important? Nearly one-third of cardiovascular disease deaths are linked to smoking, and tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of heart disease and stroke. For generations, tobacco companies lied to the public about the deadly dangers of tobacco use. They lied about the addictiveness of nicotine. They made misleading health claims about light and low-tar products. And they shamelessly and aggressively marketed to children to attract new smokers. These unconscionable practices will finally be reined in with effective government oversight of an industry that has placed profits above the health of the American people.

American Heart Association volunteers and staff, along with our public health partners, have been working for over a decade to see this legislation become law. We are extremely proud to have played a major role in moving this legislation through Congress and to have had the opportunity to join our Congressional champions today in witnessing the bill signing.

This measure, along with many other policy initiatives the association supports on the local, state and national level, directly impacts our mission to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. This historic public health victory would not have been possible without the tenacious efforts and unwavering support of our You’re the Cure advocates — the volunteers and staff who worked to generate Congressional and public support for the measure.

If you are not already involved, you too can play a vital role in American Heart Association legislative advocacy efforts. Start today by thanking Members of Congress and the President for making this legislation a reality. Visit heartprescription.org to send your email.

I would also like to extend a personal and very special thank you to former CEOs Cass Wheeler and Dudley Hafner, who devoted much of their AHA careers to advancing this issue by meeting with members of Congress and speaking out loudly about the deadly effects of tobacco on our nation’s youth.

And finally, while the FDA bill represents an important victory, the fight against tobacco is not over. We must continue to push for smoke-free workplace laws, higher tobacco excise taxes and funding for comprehensive smoking prevention and cessation programs to help break the cycle of addiction and create a healthier environment for our families. We’re counting on your continued support to help us achieve these important goals.


Nancy Brown
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. You can learn more about this bill and our other legislative issues and share your comments on our You’re the Cure blog. You may also want to join Cass Wheeler, our former CEO, on Twitter as he shares his thoughts on this historic win. Follow him @casswheeler.

My reply:

Dear Nancy,

Oh I'm so glad to know that people like you and Barack Obama are so busy deciding what is good for me and looking out for me.

I'm sorry to tell you that I figured out for myself that smoking was bad. I did not need you or Barack to tell me so.

I'm really pissed that you have taken it upon yourself along with Barack and a bunch of other busybody Dimocrats and Republicans to legislate away my freedom. Tobacco is a legal substance. If I want to smoke it, it is my right and I should not suffer any interference from you. If I want to allow people to smoke in my restaurant, it is MY business. NOT YOURS. If people don't want to come into my restaurant, they don't have to.

I would appreciate it if you would not send any more emails telling me how thrilled you are to be standing next to this disgrace we have for a president. He's nothing more than a communist and will work hard at every turn to take our freedoms away and make us wards of the state.

Thomas M. Hamilton MD.

I dunno if Nancy will ever see my reply.....probably not, but some know-it-all do gooder staffer may see it. I hope they are absolutely shocked and appalled!



  1. She's starting another invasive group called Sluts For Obama that tells you that you should not have sex with anyone not on their approved list.

  2. Great letter. They won't try to outlaw cigarettes because they get too much in tax revenues from tobacco.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. I am APPALLED! I didn't even begin to think that YOU, of all people, could even begin to write a BETTER REBUTTAL than I could have. GREAT, I applaud you, my hat's off to you, I stand in mere secondness to you!
    They didn't have the nerve, guts, audacity to send me such an email, so I will stand in abeyance until I get the chance to rebuke such a slanderous piece of garbage.
    All that said, WELL PUT!!!