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Sunday, June 7, 2009

To hell with the voters! Let's tax the hell out of them!

Back sometime in 2004 or maybe 2005, I don't remember exactly when, supposedly the state of Tennessee told our county that our jail was not up to snuff and that we were gonna have to build a new one. I'm not exactly sure what would have happened if we had told the state to stick it in their ear, but in any case, our county legislators came up with the idea of a wheel tax with which to pay for the new jail.

What is really appalling is that the wheel tax was put to the voters of Decatur County in the form of a referendum. Well the voters voted down the wheel tax by a huge majority.

In spite of this, the county commissioners along with the county mayor (a Republican) decided that they knew better than the voters and voted to impose a wheel tax anyway.

This was met with much outrage by Decatur Countians and many complaints were made to state representatives and senators and the governor and lawyers etc, but as you might imagine nothing ever happened.

I do smile however when I remember the election of 2006. The Republican County Mayor and every commissioner that voted for the wheel tax was voted out of office. A Democrat was elected mayor on the platform promise that he would repeal the wheel tax. I voted for an independent mayoral candidate who was a commissioner that voted against the wheel tax. Too bad but he lost as do most independents.

Here in 2009 we still have the Democrat mayor and we still have the wheel tax and a couple of weeks ago I read that there is talk of raising the wheel tax in order to cover some budgetary shortfalls incurred by the county.

The lesson here is:
1. Never vote for a tax of any kind.
2. If you do vote for a tax, you'll never get rid of it.
3. The gubment, federal, state, or local, never thinks it can get by with less.
4. Never trust a fart and never trust a campaign promise.

In a following post, I'll comment on what I think of our new jail. I'm sure you liberals will hate my opinion and you sensible people will likely agree.


  1. I read in the paper about the possibility of increasing the wheel tax, I knew you would jump on it. The question of a State income tax will probably also come up again at some point.

    Trusting politicians is never a good idea.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. It takes a while to build a house, but to tear it down takes only minutes. Taxes however, are quickly passed often in the dead of night and getting rid of them, almost impossible.

  3. Right Ron. I hear Barry Obama is contemplating taxing healthcare benefits. We'll never get rid of that one.

  4. Taxes! Another damn government way to steal your money! Legitimized theivery! As I have said before, We kicked the Brits asses for much, MUCH less than what we're paying to our government now!
    Satnd up, take arms, kick all their sorry arses outta washington, Nashville or wherever. Start fresh! Exercise your RIGHTS as VOTERS!!!