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Friday, June 12, 2009

What I Believe - Abortion

Well I'll start out with an easy one. Now the straight libertarian view, if there is such a thing, would tend to come down on the side of pro-choice since the pure libertarian would propose that a woman could do whatever she wanted with her body without interference from a gubment or anyone else.

I however feel that you should be allowed to do whatever you wish with your body AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INFRINGE ON THE LIFE AND RIGHTS OF SOMEONE ELSE.

So with this we open the can of worms. The left wing view takes the rather shaky position that a fetus is not a person and has no rights. Some laws state that abortion is legal only in the first trimester, and after that not. Some, as our glorious president Barack Hussein Obama, the messiah, the most merciful, have in fact sanctioned infanticide by allowing the viable product of a botched late term abortion to be exterminated.

So when does a fetus become a person? When does a fetus have rights? When does the fetus have the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Can anyone answer this question for me with certainty? I think not.

I happen to believe that life begins at conception or at least implantation when the fetus has a chance, if left alone, for survival. I cannot prove this. On the other hand I challenge anyone out there in blog land to disprove it. Does a fetus have rights only after the first trimester? Really? Howzat? Just because some judge in a court somewhere said so? That doesn't do it for me.

If you believe in God and scripture then you also believe that God states, "Thou shalt not kill." When life begins is not something that is left to me to decide. I'm gonna play it safe and assume that life begins at conception. Assuming this and assuming there is a God in heaven, then I must declare that abortion is forbidden. If I am going to err then I am going to err on the side of life.

If I have any explaining to do, I'd rather explain to some woman why she should not have an abortion rather than have to stand before God and explain why I needlessly took a human life.

And girls, if you don't wanna have babies, for God's sake, keep your legs together. It's just that simple.

Now all you liberals can run screeching into the sunset with your hair on fire!


  1. Great post, Groucho! My sentiments exactly.

  2. The pro-life folks will come back with "you believe in life, but you believe in Capital punishment, that's hypocritical'...

    I believe the same way you do.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Well, I was trying to decide what to blog about, but since you have paved my way, I think I will comment on yours.
    I agree with you, from the time the sperm hits the egg, THERE IS LIFE! Period. Does the fertilized egg have rights? Why not? Sure he/she does, after all, in a few years he/she will be a voting, tax paying person.
    However! I believe in this. If the fertilized egg is a product of a rape, or (and this is the only or), the having of this egg/baby is going to jepordize the life of the mother, then abortion should be available to her. Then and only then. I don't believe in abortion for sporting purposes or for birth control. If it is for that, abort the baby and spay the mother AND the father!
    Now, I may be wrong having never been of the female persuasion, but it is what I think.

  4. The same people that murder babies without a thought get all bent out of shape over the "rights" of murderers and terrorists.

    Just doesn't make sense.

  5. Did you ever notice how "baby killer" is supposed to be an insult to soldiers but a complement to some in the medical field?

    My better half said it well: A woman has a right to have sex with as many men as she wants, but when she gets pregnant she has an obligation to share her body with that baby for the next 9 months.