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Friday, June 19, 2009

What I Believe- Global Warming

So every day, we hear the doomsayers say that if we don’t do something about global warming RIGHT NOW, the planet is doomed. We must institute cap and trade. We must do away with incandescent light bubs in favor of CFL’s. We must all drive electric cars and install windmills in our back yard. ALL the experts agree that man made global warming is a fact and we must act now! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Wait a minute! Let’s take a deep breath and think about this for a while. To get on board with this global warming thing from an intellectual point of view (not just because it makes you feel better) you have to ask yourself at least 5 distinct questions:

1. Is there global warming?
2. If there is global warming, is it necessarily bad?
3. If there is global warming, is there any significant contribution to it by the activities of mankind?
4. If we find that man made global warming is a fact, is there anything we can do to stop it?
5. If we can stop global warming, what are the best scientifically proven methods that would really make a difference?

I’d like to address the first 3 of these questions. There will be no need for me to delve farther than this into the topic.


Of course there is global warming. Science has proven that the earth has undergone periods of warming. It has also undergone massive periods of cooling, evidence the ice ages. In the last 20 years or so the left wing doomsayers have ratcheted up the argument that global warming is a fact and it is all our fault. Unfortunately for them, there is evidence that the earth has actually been cooling since 1997. I have heard from those on the left that this is in fact a “temporary anomaly” and things will start warming again very soon. Really? If memory serves me correctly, it was back in the 1970’s that the doomsayers were worried about a period of global cooling and they were afraid we were heading toward another ice age. Well, which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Temporary anomaly? I could just as easily posit that any warming in the last 20 years was a temporary anomaly and we are in fact headed for another ice age.

I think the place where people fall into the global warming trap is that they try to figure things out from the limited perspective of their very short time on this earth. We think that the human race as we know it has only been around for between 6000 and 10000 years, and in that time we have only had the ability and technology to measure what has been going on on the earth for about the last 150 years. But according to science, the earth has been around for about 4 billion years. Our time here is but like a grain of sand on the sea shore of time.

Geologically and climatologically speaking, 10000 years is nothing but a blip in the grand scheme of things. We have evidence of very warm and very cold periods on this planet, but these events have occurred in time spans encompassing tens of thousands of years and sometimes millions of years. We have difficulty getting our arms around such vast expanses of time I think.

So to answer the question, yes there is global warming, countered by equal periods of global cooling. Is global warming occurring right NOW? It is impossible to say for sure based on observation from the last 25 years or so.


Consider what our life and society might be like if we lived in an ice age. Europe would be mostly covered with ice as would probably half the continental United States. Most of the people on earth would probably live in equatorial regions. I would conjecture that the earth would be far less populated than it is right now. There would be less opportunity for agriculture. Last I heard you can’t grow crops or raise livestock on a glacier. The global warming fanatics will throw out the notion that we are having more numerous and more violent hurricanes, more numerous and more violent tornadoes, melting of the polar ice caps, destruction of the polar bears, all because of global warming.

Really? As far back as I can remember and before, we’ve had hurricanes, and some really bad ones. Read about the Galveston hurricane of 1900 or the great 1935 hurricane in the Florida Keys. Those were pretty bad storms.

Are there more tornadoes today than 50 years ago? Probably not. Are there more documented tornadoes today? Definitely so. Is this because there are more actual tornadoes or is this because with our use of satellites, Doppler radar, and training of spotters, we actually identify more? Probably the later. Until the Greensburg, KS. tornado on May 4, 2007, there had not been a documented F5 tornado since May 3, 1999 in Oklahoma City. Also today many fewer people perish in tornadoes than did 50 or 100 years ago, simply because science is now able to warn the public in advance. To say that we have more and more violent tornadoes today because of global warming is simply just not true.

Are the ice caps really melting. I have read many reports stating that the caps in Greenland and in Antarctica are actually increasing. I have also read reports that the polar bear populations in Alaska have increased. Of course you will hear little of this from the gubment run media which is in the tank with the left.

So who’s to say that a warmer earth is worse than a moderate or a colder earth? A warmer earth certainly could provide a more habitable climate in higher latitudes and more opportunity for agriculture. That indeed might be a good thing on the grand scheme of things.


It is amusing to listen to the gubment run mainstream media spout the statement that there is CONSENSUS among scientists that global warming is real and that it is caused by us. In fact there are probably as many or more scientists who disagree with the notion of man made global warming and there are a bunch of scientists who have voiced no opinion at all, one way or another. Many times those scientists who question global warming will be vilified by the gubment run media and others on the left. What? They can no longer express their opinion?

Here’s the dictionary definition of consensus:

1.majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month.
2.general agreement or concord; harmony.

If you’ve been paying attention, it is a stretch to claim there is consensus on this issue.

Now I am not a climatologist, but let’s plug in a little common sense. Are you going to tell me that the car I drive, the type of light bub I use, where I set my thermostat, or what I spray out of a can under my armpit is going to cause the earth to warm when a single volcanic eruption on the scale of mount St. Helens, Pinatubo, or Krakatoa will eject more so called pollutants into the atmosphere than mankind has ever emitted to date? Indeed these eruptions can affect the global climate, but those changes are apparently temporary and things eventually return to the status quo. Cows, other livestock, and wild animals (polar bears included) have been farting methane for multimillions of years. Suddenly it is a crisis? Good Lord people, we exhale carbon dioxide, and the global population is increasing. When are those on the left going to insist on mass exterminations to save the planet?

I think it was last year, or maybe the year before when I heard that some place in Washington State was going to ban bonfires on the beach because they contributed to global warming. At the same time many fires which encompassed hundreds of square miles were occurring in the western United States. I got a real belly laugh over this. Those idiots in Washington State really thought that a few bonfire were going to make a difference?!?!?!?

Algore has said the debate about global warming is over. Says who? What the heck does Algore know? Does the fact he wrote a science fiction thriller, An Inconvenient Truth, make Algore an expert? Algore is a hack politician. He is a liberal. He is from my state. I never voted for him and never will. Furthermore I refuse to believe a damned thing spewing from his hypocritical mouth. His primary interest is in having a podium and making money.

To summarize my position:
1. There is global warming, and also global cooling.
2. Global warming is not necessarily a bad thing.
3. There is no evidence that the activities of man have any influence on the warming or cooling of the climate.

Having said this, there is no need for me to conjecture about remedies for global warming. In fact it is clear to me that global warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated by the left. Those on the left are not interested in saving the planet. The driving force at the root of all this is power and control. They want to take more and more of your freedom away and dictate to you what to eat, what to drive, where to set your thermostat, how to light your home, how many cattle you can have on your farm and on and on and on.

Unfortunately there are many out there who are not paying attention, are poorly informed, are led by feelings rather than common sense, or just don’t care. These people are willing to drink the global warming Koolaid and little by little give up more and more of their precious freedom and pay enormous sums of money in the face of an already dismal economy to fuel nothing more than a gigantic hoax.

I really get frosted by Republicans like John McCain and George W. Bush who sign on to the idea of man made global warming and then try and tell the left how we can come up with better ideas to make global warming go away. Conservatives need to stand up and say, “Enough! We’re not gonna take this anymore! We’re not gonna fund another penny toward this stupid hoax. From this day forward we are going to defend freedom and liberty!”

God help me! I am so ready for this to happen!



  1. Pseudo-science has become reality in many circles. So-called facts can be presented by both side, but weather predictions for next month are very unrealiable and climate predictions for the next hundred years--well!!! Some have elevated our scientist and given them an almost holy status. But when pressed, they will tell you a simple truth the more they learn the more they find out they don't know. I offer this challenge to any 1000 great scientist who will take it up. Gather around a mighty oak tree and study it for ten years then after that exhaustive study, tell me which acorn will fall first on that autumn day. This should be a far easier task that predicted the world's climate change and man's contribution.

  2. It's ALL Obama's fault!
    I use cfl's, cause it lowers my lite bill.
    I set my thermostat up a little in the summer cause it lowers my light bill.
    I tell my wife not to fart, cause she contributes to global warming. On the other hand, my farts actually cool the earth to a degree and don't stink!
    We have had global warmings and global coolings forever!
    What makes the self centered human race even begin to think that we're any threat to Mother Nature?

  3. Nice job and you are right about "they try to figure things out from the limited perspective of their very short time on this earth." History is v-e-r-y long, very old, and there are no records except for very recent history.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth</a

  4. fuck all you guys