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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I Believe - Smoking, Crash Helmets, and Seat Belts

Any idiot out there knows smoking is bad for you. I betcha even most Obama voters know that smoking is bad. Don't tell me that you're entitled to some multimillion dollar judgment from tobacco companies cause you didn't know that cigarettes would hurt you. No doubt about it, you should not smoke.

I just heard the other day that the almighty federal gubment was going to mandate the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. Last year, the state of Tennessee passed a law prohibiting smoking in restaurants and other public places. Many of my so called conservative friends cheered the ruling. Oh smoking is bad, they should ban it in restaurants! "We're saving the CHILDREN!" Many Republican lawmakers also cheered.

This is the tip of the iceberg my friends. Last I heard, tobacco was a legal substance. Tobacco companies are privately owned entities with stockholders, boards of directors directors, CEO's, and many many employees. Find for me in the U.S. Constitution where the federal gubment is empowered to ban smoking ads on TV. You can't find it. Find for me where the gubment is empowered to regulate nicotine in cigarettes!!!

If I am the private owner of a restaurant, what right does the state or anyone else have to come in to my establishment and tell me that my customers cannot smoke? I don't give a damn about the children and I don't give a damn about employees breathing second hand smoke. If I post a sign saying "smokers welcome" then you sure as hell don't have to come in and sit down. You don't have to wag your screaming little brat in there either and then turn around and complain about the smoking. And if you don't wanna work around the smoke in my place, you don't have to apply for a job. It's just that simple! GET THE GUBMENT OUT OF MY LIFE AND OUT OF MY BIDNESS!

There is no doubt that seat belts save lives. After working many years as an ER physician, I can attest to the fact that the most seriously injured people in car wrecks are the ones not wearing seat belts. To keep yourself (an average sized adult) from hitting the dashboard in a 30 mph crash, you would have to be able to bench press 17,000 pounds. I didn't make this up. I believe some guy a little smarter than me, Issac Newton, came up with it. I have even had rednecks argue with me about it. There is no point in arguing with a redneck. People will often have difficulty discerning who the idiot is.

Issac Newton

In spite of Issac Newton and rednecks, the state of Tennessee or any other state has no business telling me that I am compelled to wear my seat belt. Yes, it is a good idea, and you're stupid not to do it, but the gubment should not be in the business of legislating common sense. I get so sick and tired of liberals making decisions about what is best for me and trying to keep me safe. If I want to put my head through the windshield, then that is my business.

I am not as convinced about the use of crash helmets for motorcyclists as I am seat belts. Perhaps in minor, slow speed mishaps they may help keep you from scraping the skin off of one side of your head, but in a high speed crash where the rider pile drives a semi truck at 60mph, I'm not sure that the helmet will do much good. Nevertheless, the gubment has no bidness telling me I have to wear a helmet. If I wanna turn my head into a pile of mush, it's my own damned decision, although I always wore a helmet when I used to ride (my choice).

Bit by bit, the gubment at all levels tries to slowly chip away at our freedoms. They tell us when and where we can smoke. They tell us we have to wear our seat belts or they're gonna spank our little bottoms. The tell us what kind of light bulbs to use. They tell us where to set our thermostats. Pretty soon they're gonna be mandating what kind of cars we have to drive.

If the facist dictator, Hussein Obama, gets his way and nationalizes our healthcare system, it won't be long until the federal gubment will not only regulate your smoking, but it will begin to micromanage every aspect of your behavior. They will tell you how much to eat, drink, exercise, force you to buy health insurance with many options that people neither need or want, and all in the name of the greater good. If they decide your behavior is driving up the cost of healthcare (and you can bet your ass it will be EXPENSIVE) then they will regulate or even ban that behavior.

It won't happen overnight, but it will be a slow and insideous process, until one day, you'll wake up and say, "Where did all my freedom go?"

Be careful people and the next time some politician wants to institute another stupid law "for your own good", say, "thanks but no thanks", and vote the bastard out of office next time around.


  1. Many freedoms have been lost in the name of public welfare and public safety. Government is suppose to help preserve the rights granted under the Constitution, but the world has turned upside down and many are falling off despite Newton's law.

  2. The old saying "there ought to be a law" has been over used.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. You just can't legislate good sense!
    Noe this comes from a part time smoker, a full time seat belt wearer and a 100% believer in skid lids aka helmets.
    Starting from the back, as an ex motorcyclist, I always wore a helmet. Not because it was law, but because it made good sense to me. I know for a FACT that my helmet saved me a 2 square patch of my skull once, cause that was what was missing outta the helmet after the crash was over.
    Seat belts. As you know, I served as a cop for a time in my life. I have personally removed too many windshield necklaces from folks. I fastened my belt before it was a stupid law and will continue to.
    Smoking? It can't be good for ya. My illustrious doctor told me so, and as I was fond of telling my ex-wife, why pay a Doctor good money for an opinion and then do the opposite? I'm glad I never paid you to tell me to quit smoking.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments.

  5. The only time you wearing a helmet or a seatbelt becomes my business is when the government takes my money to support your family or keep your uninsured butt on life support after you crash.

    Don't make me pay for your mistakes and I'll be happy to let you make them.

  6. Bitmap,

    I used to have a health insurance policy that stated if you were injured in a car wreck and it was determined you were not wearing your seat belt, they would only pay 50 percent of you claim. It also said if you were in a boating accident and not wearing your life jacket or did not have the dead man's switch hooked to your body, again they would only pay half the claim.

    Of course that's not gonna stop the hospital from having to eat the other half.


  7. Grouch, when you say the hospital had to eat the other half you really mean that taxpayers had to pay for part of it and that everyone who was treated at the hospital had to pay part of it and probably the employees at the hospital paid for part of it. Hospitals don't print money like the government so they pass the cost on.

    A company had an insurance policy where people could get a better rate if they signed a paper stating that they didn't use tobacco. A number of people signed the paper and were later proven to be using tobacco. Seems these people were facing consequences for their fraud and of course the local LWM was whining about the mean company actually wanting to enforce the contract they signed.

    If we had socialized medicine then your decisions would be my business and that would be great justification for all kinds of new and intrusive laws.

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  9. Well, that's just great, John, but what has Chantix got to do with what I believe about smoking and crash helmets?