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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm With YOU, Barry!

I was listening to a talk radio host yesterday who said that the Republican party simply did not need to be the party of NO. He declared that we needed to try and find areas of common ground with the president instead of just saying NO to his ideas and policies. What was funny was that as the radio host kept talking, it was evident that he couldn't find any areas of common ground. Barry has tried at every turn to apply his radical agenda. He's taken over the banks; he's taken over the car companies; he has declared what CEO's and other workers of these companies should be paid; he has apologized to the world for all the "mistakes" of the United States; he has chosen to get in bed with tin pot dictators and turn his back on those seeking freedom, liberty, and democracy; he's pushed through the "porkulous" stimulus package which has done nothing other than put our grandchildren in debt; and now he wants to institute the carbon tax bill which will add several thousand dollars per year of expense to each household; and he wants to take over your healthcare and have the government decide for you what you should do and not do as far as your health is concerned.

So I thought and thought about this myself. Is there any issue on which I agree with the president?


The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is BS (Barbra Streisand)

For those of you non-football fans, your GIVE-A-CRAP-O-METER is probably sitting on ho-hum, but for us football fans, having some computer program decide which college teams get to play for the National Championship and more importantly which do not is ridiculous. What frequently happens is that undefeated teams will not have a chance at the championship while teams that have one or even two losses often end up the winner. The example this year was Utah. They defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and were undefeated for the year. The "championship" game was between Florida and Oklahoma, with Florida coming out on top. Florida however suffered a single loss during the year, which resulted in undefeated Utah having to settle for second place.

So who is the better team, Florida? Utah? Wouldn't it have been nice to let those two teams slug it out for the honors? You reckon anybody would have watched?

Hell, this year let's just have some poll and a computer decide which two pro teams go to the Super Bowl! How far do you think that idea would get?

On this issue, Barry Obama and I agree. The BCS system should be abolished and a playoff system instituted. I say take the teams with the 16 best records and have sudden death playoffs, with the last two left standing slug it out for the championship. Oh they could still have the obligatory Trojan Condom Loser Bowls for the 6 and 5 teams to attend.

No doubt there would be millions of fans ready to watch the college football playoffs. TV networks would be in a fist fight for the right to televise them. Sponsors would be throwing out money right and left to get it done, and when it was all over, the championship team would REALLY have something to be proud of!

Having said that, I disagree with the notion that the gubment should have any hand in making a college football playoff system happen. Too bad I have read articles that congress wants to get involved in the "deeply flawed" BCS system. Go HERE to read one of these articles. This one was way back in 2005 and the committee chairman was a Texas Republican.........SIGH................why can't the gubment just keep their noses out of our bidness?


  1. I'm not a big football fan. I can watch the Tennessee Titans, Colts, and University of Tennessee.

    I do think that college football should be just like pro football, let the teams play and may the best one win. Forget the committees, formulas, whatever.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. On this one I have to disagree, but thats life. I grew up with college ball from my dads days at LSU, where I watch Y.A.Tiddle play to later years with Billy Cannon. I never became a fan of pro ball and would cross the street to watch a game. The idea of those guys getting all that money to play a game. Call me foolish, call me old fashion but thats just me. These young men play enough games now and even college ball is becoming too commericalized.

  3. Foosball? Whazzat?
    Oh, it's a sport for warshed up NASCAR fans, I members now!