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Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Time for a Constitutional Amendment!

I wrote my congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn today(she ain't bad looking for a congresswoman, how bout Sarah Palin and Marsha Blackburn on the next presidential ticket?). I suggested that she and others think about sponsoring a bill to amend the constitution of the United States requiring that each legislator must have READ each and every bill before being able to cast a vote on it. They would be required to sign a statement stating they had read the bill. Failure to do so would be a punishable offense.

There should also be a waiting period giving the public time to read and comment on any bill before it is brought to a vote. Any "last minute amendments" would be required reading for all along with the waiting period. No more trying to shove crap down our throats before we know what is happening!

What say you???


  1. Good bill. How about allow a citizens oversight committee come up with a test for senators and congressmen on each bill. The test would have simple short answer questions about the bill. Maybe one question for each ten pages of the bill. The congressman or senator would have one hour to complete the test and would have to get at least 75% correct before they would be allowed to vote on it. The congressmen would not be allowed to have a copy of the bill for reference so it would be a "closed book" test.

    Oh, and the test scores of all congressmen and senators would be released to the public.

  2. Great idea bitmap. Even an open book test would be better than what we have now. Even with an open book they would have to be looking at the bill which is more than they are doing now.

  3. marsha blackburn is not a conservative

  4. "marsha blackburn is not a conservative"

    Really? That's news to me.

  5. I like Marsha Blackburn, I do think she is a Conservative. But I have had commenters at Right Truth tell me she isn't what she should be. Mickey White had articles where he expresses his disappointments with her. I have also heard that there may be some family shinanigans/politics going on, but I personally don't know about any of them.

    Barack Hussein Obama promised that bills would be read, that they would be posted so American citizens could read them, that no bill would be voted on before ample time had been provided for everyone to read and debate them.

    Lies, all lies.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  6. I can't say she's perfect. The American Conservative Union gives her a 97.33 lifetime rating. That is an "A" on anyone's grading system and better than the vast majority.

    Lamar Alexander comes in at a paltry 80.83....a solid "C".