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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Baby's Back in Town

At long last, my Gibson SG bass guitar finally returned from the guitar hospital after having it's broken neck repaired. I played her today after a long, long absence. I was astounded at how much better she sounds than the Fender Mustang I have been playing. Deep, rich, bone jarring sound. I guess the mahogony body and those big humbucker pickups just can't be beat. Sure am glad to have my baby back again!


  1. I'm glad you got her back too, I know you missed her. She sure is a pretty thing.

    Your other baby,

    Right Truth

  2. You get a new neck for your guitar and your wife ONLY gets a new hard drive for her computer? For shame! ;o) You should've bought her a new Panasonic Toughbook! ;oD

  3. Well she got the hard drive for free. My broken neck was actually glued, refinished, buffed, and you can't tell anything happened.

    Our next computers will be Macs.