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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty Girls, Ugly Girls, Tattoos, Jobs, Welfare, Life's Little Decisions

I suppose some readers will accuse me of being old fashioned and out of touch. That's fine. I probably am old fashioned and out of touch. But there is one thing that is really a turn off and that's an otherwise good looking gal with a hideous tattoo. Now if it is some land whale of an ugly girl, I don't mind so much. She's already hideous and probably should stay home but if she wants to be more hideous, that's just fine.


Back when I was growing up (in the stone age you know) the only people that I remember having tattoos were mostly guys that got them in the service. It was not uncommon to see some ex-sailor with an anchor on his forearm or a retired GI with some kind of faded emblem in a similar area.

I cannot for the life of me remember seeing any girls or women with tattoos. For that matter, I can't remember any boys with earrings, tongue rings, lumps and bumps hanging out of their lips and eyebrows, or anything else like that.

I guarantee you that if a kid showed up at high school with something like that he would have gotten the ass whupping of the century out behind the gym after 6th period. I remember that the teachers even frowned on girls with too much makeup or too gaudy earrings etc.

Well, things have changed. Now I see plenty of these girls running around with a variety of tattoos. I guess they think they look good or cool. I have a variety of adjectives for them running from ugly to hideous to stupid. One particular thing that I see are these designs on their low back. I've also heard these referred to as "tramp stamps". Well I guess maybe these alone are not too bad. They are generally in an area where they are not readily visible but lots of these girls make it a point to wear clothes which make the area bare for viewing.

An otherwise pleasant view obstructed by a tramp stamp

Others are more shy. I have a good friend who used to work here at the hospital. She is a cat lover and despite my objections, she finally got her a little cat tattoo on her ankle. Now this is one that you will not normally see. Makes me wonder what is the point of the whole thing? If nobody's gonna see it, why have it? I told her when she got old and the tattoo had faded, that one day they would drag her old and sick ass into an ER somewhere where a young ER doctor and a young ER nurse would make fun of her old faded tattoo.

Others are more bold, wearing a variety of hideous designs on their shoulders, arms, legs, chests, and in places where they are easily visible and cannot be hidden. This is frequently accompanied by an array of hardware hanging from various body parts.

Surely these women can't really believe this crap is beautiful!?!?!

Okay folks, let's get real. I am a firm believer that your position in life is for the most part determined by the decisions one makes along the way. I'm not much of a believer in luck, in fact, I think people tend to make their own luck.

Now I'm sure these girls (and guys too) cover their bodies with these tattoos and pierce themselves with hardware for a variety of reasons. I guess they think they will look cool. I guess some think they will look sexy. Maybe they are "making a statement" or "expressing themselves". I really don't know.

I do know this: People with all this junk on their bodies are often looked upon with suspicion and contempt by the rest of us that do not have all these ornaments. When we see a tattooed specimen coming into the ER, the doctors and nurses, will think "drug seeker" or "freeloader"or "trash". In fairness to me, I will look beyond these initial impressions and in every case make an objective assessment of the situation, but initial impressions are there and sometimes mean a lot.

In fact, in the ER we fondly refer to the "tooth to tattoo ratio" and if the number of tattoos exceed the number of teeth we can expect real trouble. The TTR is also thought to be inversely proportional to a person's perceived worth to society. So just understand that the medical profession as a whole doesn't think much of tattoos. Yes, my friends, even doctors and nurses are bigots! Oh the horror!

Like it or not, it is "rich white guys" like me that provide jobs for the greatest number of people in this country. Now if you are sitting in front of me for a job interview and you're adorned with a variety of pictures and trinkets, then I can promise you that you are going to have to try and work three times as hard to make a good impression. If there is another job applicant who has similar qualifications and who is "clean cut", then the clean cut person is going to be hired instead of you almost every time.

Let me be clear. I don't give a rat's ass if you think you look cool. I don't care if you think your new tattoo looks pretty. I do not share in your zeal of "making a statement" or "expressing yourself". Read my lips, "I DON'T CARE!"

You might argue that I'm just a bigot and that most people do not think they way I do. You'd be wrong. Most "rich white guys" think pretty much the same way that I do. That's why we're "rich white guys". Get a clue!

This girl could have been very attractive if she had tried. Wonder if she has any kind of decent job? Wonder if she's on welfare? Kids? OMG!

So you see, people that engage in this tattooing/piercing activity automatically put themselves behind the eight ball from a job standpoint. If they can't find a good job, or any job, then they will likely end up on welfare, on the gubment dole, and we hard working gainfully employed people will end up paying for that person. Who's fault is it? It is the unemployed person's fault and it is due to THE STUPID CHOICES THEY MADE IN THEIR LIFE! Let's face it. Jobs as a circus freak are few and far between.

A while back, I had a friend, a young fellow named John. We did some flying together as we were both pilots and trained at the same flight school. He was a good guy. John had a monstrous tattoo on his left arm which in the beginning he thought was pretty cool. John was an enlisted man in the Marine Corps Reserve and was also in college. After a spell, John decided he wanted to go fly Harrier jump jets for the USMC. Of course to be a fighter pilot in our military you have to be an officer. As it turned out, at the time (not sure about now), Marine Corps officers were not allowed to have tattoos. Suddenly John's tattoo was not so cool anymore and his decision to get a tattoo was not a good one. John spent a lot of money and had a painful surgical proceedure to have the tattoo removed. I lost track of John so I am not sure if he went on to fly Harriers, but I wish him well......DECISIONS DECISIONS!

Harrier jump jet

Now, I am not a complete bigot. There are plenty of people with hideous tattoos and body ornaments who are decent hard working people. After I have gotten to know them, I find this out, but remember it is that all important FIRST IMPRESSION that frequently makes the difference. My brother-in-law has a bunch of tattoos. He's decent, hard working, and makes his own way through life with out begging from anyone. I don't agree with his choices but that's up to him.

Of course if you wanna get a tattoo or eyebrow rings or a freaking bone in your nose, that's just fine. I will fight for your right to make yourself look as hideous and ridiculous as you want to look. Just don't come whining and squalling to the welfare office when you can't land that job you were hoping for. Don't have a hissy fit when the ER doctors and nurses look upon you with suspicion.

In closing, remember again: Your position in life is determined by the things you do and the decisions you make. It's all up to YOU.

Any of you wanna hire this guy? You wanna invite him over to play with your kiddies?


  1. Like you I believe in American freedom of choice, but also as you say choices have consequences.

    As to the tattooed person with rings and things, I don't think you can legally NOT hire them simply because of their looks. You know that stinking ACLU will step in. I'm sure there are ways around this for employers...

    I never saw the thrill of either piercings on sensitive parts of the body or tattoos.

    I never heard of the Tooth to tattoo ratio, but I can understand it.

    I also can't help but wonder if these young girls who get these tattoos live to regret it once they mature. Or, is there a tattoo to maturity ratio too??? I tend to think there is.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Oh, I wouldn't tell them why they were not hired. I'd just say, "Don't call us we'll call you." and that would be the last they would hear from me.

  3. Preach it brother. I couldn't agree any more.
    When I was a kid, tattoos were fine fer war veterans, but nobody else had em. Beards? NO!
    Mustaches? NO! As time went on, Hippies came along. They had beards and staches! Don't trust em! After a while, mustaches became "politically" alright. Beards, NO! Then along came Charlie Daniels. Hey! He's got a beard! He is alright, so beards must be alright! Instantly beards, mustaches were all in vogue! Suits me, I got one.
    BUT!!! I must agree wid you on tattoos. I still don't care if a vet shows up wiff MOM or whatever, but am like you in females and non military males desecrating their bodies wiff crap they are gonna wish was never there in 10 years.
    Fact of the matter! If God didn't give me the ability to grow one, I sure as hell aint gonna BUY one!

  4. "Rich white guys" like yourself were the same dudes who thought black people should be treated differently because of the way they look. Society changes and people need to get over it...And last time i checked we all got old and wrinkly in the end so what's the difference if you have an old wrinkly tattoo or an old wrinkly arm? There is none. The only difference between a tattooed person and a non-tattooed person is that someone with tattoos will not judge you for having one.

  5. Dear anonymous,

    I always find it amusing when idiots like you try to sneak in the race card when the truth is revealed. I have never in my life thought black people or people of any other color should be treated differently.

    Being black or red or purple is not a choice. Putting a stupid, hideous tattoo on your body is a choice and a bad one I might add. I guess you spent so much time wringing your hands that you missed the whole point of the post.

    It is EVERYBODY'S CHOICE in life to make good decisions so that you don't end up having to sponge off society to survive. Like I said in the post, I don't give a rat's ass about your need to express your individualism. Too bad that you have your head so far up your ass that you can't see the truth when it is as plain as the nose on your face and can't admit you made a BAD choice.

    By the way. Grow a pair and don't make anonymous posts. If you're so sure of yourself, there is no need to hide behind anonymity.


  6. Personally I love tattoos, why would I not want to be covered in art? I am not a drug seeker, or a free loader, and I am definetly not trashy or poor. I know full well that people are going to judge me for my tattoos, and I am fine with that, if someone is going to write me off before they listen to what I have to say then that is one less close minded, ignorant person in my life and my tattoos just did me a favor. Having said that I think that you can tell a lot about a person from their tattoos, I plan on getting a sleeve, but I would never get a tramp stamp, a girl can have tattoos and keep it classy it's 2009 times are changing, it's not impossible to have tattoos and be successful, if your on welfare don't blame it on your tattoos you've clearly made many bad decisions in your life and your tattoos are just icing on the cake. If your good at what you do, tattoos should not be a factor. As for your opinion about girls with tattoos being hideous, I doubt very much that those girls would enjoy being oggled by an overweight, middle aged man in a jean jacket, oh and my dad happens to be a rich white guy with a visible arm tattoo, when hiring people he bases it on experience, skill and work ethic, what a crazy concept right?

  7. Well, Stella,

    Thanks for your comment. Although I don't necessarily agree with you logic here I can see from your response that you are obviously a thoughtful and intelligent person.

    It was nice of you to not accuse me of being a racist as did the last commenter.

    By the way, I'm well past the ogling stage in my life. Nevertheless, I do find most of this "body art" hideous.

    In appreciation I have given your post a comment all its own. Come see:



  8. I found this extremely close-minded, albeit well explained as to why you feel the way you do. I have a half-sleeve and various other large tattoos, yet they look classy. I agree with you and Stella that some tattoos are stupid and some trashy, but there are so many types that you really can't categorize them all into one negative slot. It's like saying there are no good nude paintings in the world. Sure, some may find them distasteful, but clearly there is beauty in each, depending on who is looking. I worked at a tattoo shop and saw some of the most ridiculous tattoo ideas find permanence on people's bodies, but I also saw very touching and very beautiful pieces that made me admire the person for their creativity. I have my BA in Health Psychology and hold a great job, so I can assure you that tattoos hold nothing against high grades and a good personality. This is a new generation, and I honestly find it thrilling, I'm sorry you feel the way you do.

  9. By the way, that welfare comment was silly. I don't think people on welfare can afford or are primarily concerned with tattoos.

  10. Shannon,

    Welcome to the Grouch at Right Truth,

    I am glad that you think your tattoos look "classy". Unfortunately I have never seen a tattoo on anybody that I thought was classy. Adjectives such as hideous, ugly, and stupid come to mind and as I stated in my original post many if not most of my rich white male friends (who provide most of the jobs for the masses) think so as well. Now I may very well be narrow minded but I have a lot of company.

    Now it is just great that you have your tattoos and also have a great job. In fact as long as you pull your weight in life and fend for yourself I don't give a damn what you do. You can paint yourself purple, stand on your head and pee out your belly button for all I care.

    My welfare comment was NOT silly. Your reaction to this speaks volumes to the fact that you apparently live in a bubble and have very little real life experience.

    In my line of work I see plenty of people day after day, most of them covered with tattoos, also carrying cell phones, cigarettes, smell of alcohol, have 3 or 4 kids, they don't work, they come in waving their Tenncare (welfare, medicaid) cards, demanding that I refill their narcotic prescriptions, and cursing me when I won't do it.......you get the idea.

    These people have no trouble coming up with the money for all the things I mentioned above, including tattoos, yet they would be offended at the suggestion they pay something for their health care or God forbid, get a damned job!

    I am surprised Barack Obama has not proposed gubment funded tattoos for all.

    Silly my ass! Get a clue, Shannon.


  11. Wow! Shannon needs to spend a day in our world! She would see the people that are on welfare that can't get a job, can't afford to pay a Doctor or Dentist appt but has the nicest cell phone money can buy and a few packs of cigarettes with them at all times!

  12. Your a fat, ugly, close minded , white trash fool from my perspective. Just because you have a tattoo does not mean you are on welfare. I'm young, have a degree, make a very decent living & have several tattoos! Get a clue u fat tard

  13. Hmmmmm, just what is a "tard" anyway?

  14. Lots of angry, enraged people out there.

  15. My daughter's body is covered with tattoos. As soon as it was legal for her to do it, she got her first tattoo and has been getting them ever since. I told her how stupid it was to get tattoos and ruin herself when she was young, but she obviously did not take my advice. I told her not to get anymore tattoos after the first one, but she did not listen. She has a low-paying job and will never make anything of herself. Now she puts removable tattoos on her 1-year old son. Her and her idiot husband think it's cute and will probably encourage my grandson to mutilate himself with tattoos when he is of age. Every time I look at her I am filled with shame, disgust, and sadness.

    1. I know how you feel Anonymous. My 21 year-old daughter has already 6 massive tattoos on her upper arms and front tighs. I was always crying begging her not to add anymore but she says she can't promise that to me, meaning she'll get more in the future. You said, every time you look at her you're filled with shame, disgust and sadness, i do feel exactly the same too and I am embarrased to walk with her in crowded areas most especially in the city. She's working as a saleslady, she did not finish her college only high school. I told her that her chance of getting a good job is limited. Everyone says she's beautiful but they all agreed with me that she ruined her appearance with those hideous tattoos. She's my only child and I love her to bits, it really hurts to see her mutilating her body with tattoos. Oh,I am always praying that this trend will go out of fashion. Now, I feel like I'm depressed and sometimes doesn't have the strength to go on. I hate tattoos!

  16. I know this post is old but I don have a question for you. You stated that you normally saw tattoos on veterans, what about female veterans who want to show their pride in serving? How do you categorize them?