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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Republicans catering to the wrong crowd

In the previous post I said I was listening to a talk radio host. During this same show, the host was talking to Scott Rasmussen, the world famous pollster. The conversation was mainly about Barack Obama's recent decline in the opinion polls. The conclusion was that the favorable ratings reflect the condition of the economy.

Scott Rasmussen

As an aside Rasmussen mentioned the following:

1. There are more Democrats than there are liberals.
2. There are more conservatives than there are Republicans.
3. There are also way more people that identify themselves as conservatives than liberals.

He went on to conclude that the Democrats had to cater to "independents" in order to win. He also went on to say that Republicans should cater to conservatives in order to win.....


Finally someone has said something that made sense!

If you listen to your typical RINO and blue blood Republican like John McCain or Colin Powell, you'll hear them say they need to open the big tent up to the independents. They do this at the expense of turning their backs on conservatives!

Is it any wonder the Republicans took a beating in 2006 and 2008?

It's time to wake up! Kick out the RINO's and bring back good old fashioned conservatism to the fore!



  1. Rasmussen, does on occasions make sense. The Republican party must consolidate its base before doing anything else. The big tent theory is just that theory from those who are left of center such as Powell and McCain.

  2. I just heard that Sarah Palin plans on going on the road to stump for ... some Democrats. Before I pulled my hair out, I gave this some thought.

    If she is, as she said, willing to work for Conservatives no matter what party they belong to, she may be onto something.

    Taking Rasmussen's poll results into consideration, if someone like Palin could unite Conservatives of all parties together, where they would work together, vote together, and elect politicians together, she may change the entire political landscape.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Kick em all out, from the rank of dogcatcher and up. Start fresh! Make all terms 2 years only! If you have a million in the bank, you are overqualified and non-eligible.
    Elect poor rednecks only, make em pay social security and pay for their own health insurance!
    No perks, no under the table, no benefits after you are forced to leave office!
    Wait a minute! In this age of internets and computers, do away with everybody except the IT department and put EVERYTHING to a popular vote!