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Saturday, August 1, 2009


According to sweet wifey, I've been tagged and I have to talk about 7 things in my life that I love.

Well, I've never done this "tagged MEME" thing. Don't even know what it is but I guess I'll address the 7 items just to make sweet Wifey happy.

I agree with wifey that there are a very few things that I actually LOVE. The rest are LIKES. There is a difference.

1. The first LOVES of course are God, Country, Sweet Wifey and family, sweet Penelope, and sweet puppies past. I would not be who I am without all of these.

2. I'll add to the LOVE column, my life on the river. The river is a special place. I've been coming here as far back as I can remember. Some of the best times of my early childhood were spent here. My Daddy would take me fishing and we'd get up early in the morning well before dawn and head out with only a flashlight. We'd fish for bass in the early twilight and listen to the quiet of the early morning and enjoy the smell of the cool foggy air. We'd watch the sun break over the horizon and watch the world spring to life in all it's brilliance. I remember the smell of sausage or country ham wafting over the water, as we'd head back to the cabin for breakfast. Those were great times indeed. As I enjoy the river today, those memories are etched into my soul forever. Our little house on the hill is a place of peace and quiet and refuge. On a summer day the only sounds are of the birds and locusts singing and the breeze in the trees with the nighttime punctuated by the laughter frogs, katydids and whippoorwills. Even in the dead of winter when there is no sound but a slight moan of the cold north wind through bare branches, this is still a place of quiet reverence. The cold, quiet winter air smells clean and fresh with just a hint of wood smoke from a fireplace or a campfire. I do love it so. I've had people ask me from time to time where I am going on vacation. I smile and say, I'm kinda on vacation all the time.

3. I like my old boat. Indeed my boat is 14 years old. When I got it, it was a new boat. Now it is an old boat. So much the better. It has lots of scratches and scars. There's no telling how many hundreds of miles it has traveled. The carpet is coming apart and I'm on my second outboard motor. My old boat has personality. It is like me. It is conservative and it gets the job done. A while back the guy that runs the marina wanted to sell me a brand new bass boat. I said thanks, but no thanks. Why sell of a part of my personality and many pleasant memories?

4. I like the Bagley, Balsa B. This crankbait has been around for a while. In fact my father used to use them. It is light and made out of balsa wood. No matter how fast you pull it, it will only run a foot or two deep, and if you crank it slow, it will wiggle on top of the water. I have more fun that a human being should be allowed to have catching bass with a Balsa B.

5. I like playing my music. I've been playing music since I was a teenager. I was in several bands back then and I'm in one now, the Morbid Strangers. There's nothing like performing live……what fun. I enjoy hanging out with my musician friends. It's a great way to spend a Saredee night.

6. I like my Gibson SG bass guitar (it almost falls into the LOVE category). I have and have had other guitars. I've had amplifiers. I've had keyboards. Those items are just appliances. The Gibson however has personality. I guess it is because when I was a kid I had a Gibson EB0 bass, which looks very similar to the one I have now. I eventually sold it to a kid who a week later backed over it with his car and broke it all to pieces. I kick myself now for ever letting go of that guitar. Best of all my sweet Wifey got me my Gibson SG bass and that also makes it special.

7. My final LIKE on the list is ham radio. I've been a ham since 1977 and although I'm not nearly as active in it as I once was I still enjoy it. Lately I've been active from an educational point of view. I held some classes and assisted newcomers in getting their licenses and getting on the air. It is very satisfying when one of your students passes that first exam and makes that first contact. There's something kinda cool about talking to someone on the other side of the world through nothing more than thin air and with the power of a small light bulb.

There are lots of other things that I like. I have plenty of things to be thankful for in my life. As I get older, I try and take nothing for granted. I'll leave any further tagging to sweet Wifey. I'm not into blogging enough to know who to tag.

One last thing:
I'm proud to be an American. You won't hear me making any apologies for her.

1 comment:

  1. You did great. I think the main idea of these memes is to get bloggers to open up and share some personal things about themselves, let readers know a few personal details.

    Many bloggers are anonymous, use fake names,never give any personal information, and they want to keep it that way. On the other hand, some blogs are strictly personal, almost like daily journals and forums for friends and family.

    For those of us in-between, the memes work great.

    I have to agree with you on our home here at the river. I remember after you and I met I was introduced to the river, to the cabin where you and your parents would stay.

    I too remember you and your dad getting up around 4:00 in the morning and going fishing. We would have a big breakfast when you got back. Then I think in the evenings you might go out again.

    I always love that old cabin and even the land it was on.

    Right Truth