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Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Bash - Part 1

Well, yesterday, I was another year older, and hopefully not deeper in debt. I worked at the hospital, yes, on my birthday. I got a variety of presents and cards and just had a generally good time. I'd like to share if you don't mind. If you don't wanna read and see, then just get the hell outta here and go surf your favorite porn site.

The ER nurses presented me with an "OLD GEEZER" walking cane. It has a little horn on the top of it so the old geezer can honk at all the young whipper snappers to get out of the way.

DANGER! Old Geezer X-ing!

The ER nurses found a likeness of the Grouch...

Over-the-Hill playing cards with GIANT lettering....

Yet another Tee shirt. I'll be wearing this one at the next Morbid Strangers performance.

I also got some body spray and body wash from the nurses (trying to tell me something???).

Sweet Wifey and sweet baby girl, Penelope, got me several gifts including some new shoes, some new shorts, several books on guns and ammunition, a book on different dog breeds, a fancy LED flashlight which has its own tripod stand, and best of all a gift certificate to Musician's Friend.

So the old Grouch really racked up. What a nice BD.


  1. You deserve a nice birthday and special gifts.

    I did a little happy birthday post for you at Right Truth.

    See, you are so loved!


  2. Happy birthday, Grouch. Mine was last Tuesday. I KNEW I was only a week older than you!

  3. Dang, Lizzard, I thought you wuz 72.