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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Even More Fun with Lizzard's Lunatic Socialist Daughters

I just can't let this go. It's just too much fun. Anytime I can piss off a socialist liberal and send them into the sunset screeching and wringing their hands, I'm gonna do it. I just can't hep myseff!

On August 27, I left Lizzard the following message:

Lizzard, you shudda whupped them chillun a lot harder when they wuz little.

This reply was left by his angry, envious, socialist daughter, Samantha (she's the one that accused me of being a greedy SOB, not deserving to make what I make at my profession). I'm not even gonna comment on it. It speaks for itself. If you're offended by profanity and rage, don't read it. Just tell me if you think I got under her skin or not.....:

fuck you. Now go whine back to your supporters about how liberals can't debate and turn violent. You started this crap by saying shit about me back in June. So now, when I choose to stand up for myself, I'm the angry person attacking you. Typical conservative strategy - do anything but actually address the issues at hand and whine when we stoop to your level. Liberals can play just as dirty as you asshole conservatives.

Dad did a fine job raising his chillun to think for themselves. We don't need some stupid forwarded emails or political pundits to tell us what to think - we actually know how to research an issue and formulate our own opinions. I pity you, being so concerned with yourself and so full of hate towards others. I pity your lack of compassion for Americans who may not be as smart, healthy or wealthy as you are. I pity the fact that you are so threatened by those with differing opinions that you censor the posts to your blog (which is hypocritical) and pick and choose the parts of our discussion on dad's blog you want to post for your "supporters". I guess you have that conservative media mentality down pat. Sling mud, whine, and shy away from any substantial debate...that is your way. Whatever.

we will never change our fundamental differences - the "Me" vs "We" mentality.


  1. I don't even know where to start on this one.

    She starts out deriding you because you make more money than she does, then ends up getting mad, converting to vile language a good Conservative would never use, then says YOU are full of hate. Does she have a mirror???

    If anyone has a "media" mentality, it's her from buying what the MSM (far Left supporting) media dish out every night. She can't listen to Liberal talk radio, because they're isn't any. No one wants to listen to it, no one wants to sponsor it. Conservative talk radio has no problem with listeners or corporate sponsors. Wonder why that is? Because the majority of Americans ARE Conservatives.

    And as to you censoring your posts or comments, I doubt that's true. You don't believe in censorship, Conservatives don't believe in it, we believe in free speech, everybody gets to say whatever they want.

    It's not our fault, if while they are expressing themselves, they reveal their true nature in the process. But as I've said before, you can't reason with a brick wall.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Lizzard may have taught them to think for themselves, but somewhere along the line they turned that over to someone else---Maybe some college professor!

  3. I dunno where she got the idea of me censoring anything. On the contrary, a couple of times I have actually made posts out of opposing views. I have never deleted a comment sent to this blog.....NEVER! Funny how liberals just think they can make things up and get away with it.

    I also laughed out loud at her comment about "stupid forwarded emails". She obviously did not read my previous post on emailing.


    Ron, I stand by my original comment to Lizzard. He shudda whupped them chillun a whole lot harder.

  4. By the way, I can understand why she is so angry. If I had to defend the lies and the nonsense spouted by the left, I'd be angry too!

  5. Why should Dad have "whupped" us a whole lot harder? To tear down our spirits so we could complacently listen to this nonsense?

    Ok look, honestly I have not responded to any of your dribble because I have become bored with this arguement, we aren't going to agree or come anywhere close to agreeing - you think Sam and I are crazy socialist liberals (which does not offend me in the least bit)and we pity you for your stubbornness, closed-mind, and well, social ignorance...

    This will be my only post to your blog. If you would like to reply, please do so on Dad's blog (something we actually look at) instead of talking trash about us on your blog.

  6. That's fine Casey. I don't blame you and Sam for being angry. I'm sure you thought the people that filled your little heads with socialist garbage were just wonderful and beyond reproach. Your heroes!

    Suddenly you are confronted by someone speaking the truth and common sense and it dawns on you that your heroes are just full of crap. Hard to admit I know, but now you're in the position of defending a pack of lies.

    It would make me mad too.

    See ya.

  7. OK, here we go!
    I started this crap to give my daughters and you both opposing views. But I had no intention in it escalating into a civil, or uncivil war!
    Let me tell you all my views RIGHT NOW!
    Obama aint shit for a prez.
    George W. wasn't shit for a prez.
    Bill Clinton wasn't shit for a prez.
    Old George wasn't shit for a prez.
    Ya see where I'm gong?
    We haven't had SHIT for a prez since God was a child!
    Possibly Teddy Roosevelt!?
    Franklin Roosevelt started the socialist movement in this country! Prove me wrong if ye can!
    I still think Eisenhower was "POSSIBLY" a good prez, but I was to young to have an opinion!
    BUT NOBODY SINCE HAS HAD MY 100% approval!
    Either I am too picky!
    Too stupid to know what's good for me!
    Don't care enough to formulate an opinion!
    Sick of damn professional polititions!
    I HAVE approved of "some" of ALL their crap, even Kennedies.
    But as far as seeing a polition who was looking after the AMERICAN PEOPLE's interests,

  8. And, by the way, when they screwed up, they got a whuppin. But I would not then, nor will I now, chastize them or worse for THINKING AS THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE!!!

  9. Well! You don't have to get curt!

  10. Curt, my ass! I do not, am not and will ever not apologize for anything that I nor my children believe! You all know that I am a moderate conservative. My children are of the liberal persuasion!
    HOWEVER! If you will take the time to read the quote that is in the title of my Blog Page, "I may not agree with what you say, but I WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH, YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT!"
    I firmly subscribe to that quote! I may not agree with my children, I may not agree with you, I may not agree with anybody, BUT WE STILL, for the time being, HAVE THE RIGHT, granted us under the Constitution of the United States of America, to speak privately, publicly and anywhere else we damn well choose to SAY WHAT WE THINK!
    God, yes GOD, save us when we lose that right!

  11. Yes, Lizzard, you're curt. In fact you smell just like Curt's underware.

    I could not agree with you more. I defend anyone's right to speak their mind. I defend the 1st amendment as vigorously as I do the 2nd.

    In fact, I would invite your wayward chillun and Chris, whoever that is, to send me something they would like to have posted at THE GROUCH AT RIGHT TRUTH. I'll post anything they send me, completely unedited, cuss words and all, with full credit to them. My readers would love it. Chris (whoever that is) accused me of censoring stuff on my blog which is not so. I've never deleted or modified any comment sent to me by a reader. Just because he can;t find his comment doesn't mean it is gone.

    If your chillun think their ideas are so good, then sendem to me......I'll postem. We'll see what the GROUCH readers have to say. I'll even share the stuff with sweet wifey at her blog. She has several hundred hits per day.

    Problem is that like most liberals, when confronted with the truth, they become quickly unhinged, start screeching and wringing their hands, hurling arrows, and accusing their tormentors of being Nazi's, racists, greedy, heartless....so many adjectives, so little time.

    I have been poking at liberals for years. It's the same thing. They can't defend their positions based on facts and common sense so they quickly become bitter and angry. Most of their positions are based on what makes them FEEL BETTER.

    The shame is that I know they did not get this thinking from you. I wonder where they got it? From a loony college professor perhaps? Wherever they got it, they have swallowed the koolaid lock, stock and barrel.

    But hey, if they wanna believe this nonsense and shout it from the rooftops, that's just fine with me. I learned a long time ago that if someone is intent on making a fool out of himself/herself, then the very best thing to do is to politely just get the hell out of the way.

    As a final word on this healthcare thing they need to address three issues:

    1. How can you constitutionally justify the federal gubment implementing healthcare for all?

    2. How can you do it without personally infringing on my rights. Healthcare is not a right when you have to steal from someone else to pay for it.

    3. How exactly do you plan to pay for it?

    See ya later on old friend, you curt bastard.

  12. Lizzard: I agree, we don't need any politicians who stay in office for a life time. Term limits should be law. Serve your 2, 4, 6, years whatever, then go back to your real job.

    I don't see how it is that politicians on a fixed income (suppposedly) have all these zillions of dollars in their bank accounts, have all these vacations houses all over the world, and then fail to pay their taxes on those properties and incomes, and never get prosecuted and never lose their jobs.

    Something stinks to high heaven in Washington.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth