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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm a Greedy SOB - More Followup

Here's more from the looney liberal lass. You need to go read part 1 and part 2 first if you haven't read them. This below from the liberal lass:

Doc, either you're being obtuse, ignorant or truly showing your greed - I have never said you are not entitled to a good salary. But, since you are on some high-horse with this "I've been to med school so I'm entitled to as much money as I can get thrown my way" mentality, how about this compromise:

I have a 4 year degree and make around 30K. So you probably went to school for around 8 years, which means you should make 60K. Hell, I'll even count the 2 -4 years of your residency, so you should make 75K or 90K.
But guess what? I have never before said how much per year you should make.

I have never said that a college drop out, or me, with a 4-year degree should make any where near the amount you make. What's really pathetic is that you have taken my whole argument and focused on how it effects you personally and keep whining about someone not giving you what YOU think you deserve.

Anyway, my real-life story for the week for the rest of you hard-headed folks. I met a lady (white, in case it matters to you) who has a 31 year old son who was very sick at the beginning of the year. He went to the hospital, sometimes 2-4 times for month, seeking help. Each time he presented with the same symptoms and each time, regardless of the doctor on call, he was told it was just a stomach bug and to go home. May 24- he again goes to the hospital, but this time his mom goes with him because he is blue from his head down through his torso. The doc again tries to send him home. His mom speaks up and tells the doctor that her son has been told the same thing for almost 6 months and he is not any better. She voluntarily tell the doctor that heart problems run in the family (no one had EVER asked up to this point). The doc reluctanctly admitted this 31 year old man to the hospital for testing. THIS YOUNG MAN WAS DEAD WITHIN 6 HOURS. The doctors told his mother that he had the heart of a 90+ year old man. THIS 31 YEAR OLD MAN WAS POOR AND DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE. HE DID NOT QUALIFY FOR MEDICAID/ MEDICARE. HE WORKED, BUT HIS EMPLOYER DID NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE. If the system as it is now was actually concerned about a person's health instead of cost/ profit, then maybe some bright doctor would have thought to do testing on him when he SOUGHT HELP IN JANUARY. Now he is DEAD. His family, also dirt poor, could not afford to bury him because the funeral homes wanted $3000 up front for expenses. They found help with an African American run funeral home/ church and were finally able to bury their son/ brother.
This story scares the crap out of me. Why? My husband has a history of cardiomyopathy. No, I'm not sure that's what this other young man died from, but I bet it was similar. Thank goodness we had/ have insurance at the moment (though they try to drop Chris at least once a year now). It scares me because it could have been my husband seeking help and repeatedly turned away from proper medical care because of lack of insurance. The rest of you, excluding doc, are all just a job loss or heartbeat away from being uninsured - and you could literally die from it. Insurance companies do not deserve to have the power over life and death but they do. Until that changes, I will support any healthcare reform I can get in this country to take the power away from insurance/ drug lobbyists. I will hope that none of you find yourself in the position that this young man did, and if you do, I will support your getting proper treatment even if you are ignorant and oppose the right to healthcare.

and my reply:

Sam, you can't undo what you said. You said:

"You are not entitled to a huge salary just because you went to med school."

you also said:

"I have never said you are not entitled to a good salary."

Since when is it up to you to decide what constitutes a good salary?

You also said:

"But, since you are on some high-horse with this "I've been to med school so I'm entitled to as much money as I can get thrown my way""

I NEVER said this. YOU said this.

You also said this:

"What's really pathetic is that you have taken my whole argument and focused on how it effects you personally and keep whining about someone not giving you what YOU think you deserve."

First of all, I'm not whining about SOMEONE GIVING ME ANYTHING. I don't expect anyone to GIVE me shit. You liberals are the ones running around with your hands out whining wanting someone to give you something. When you study and work, you EARN your way through life.
Again, I'll say, it's not up to you or some gubment bureaucrat to decide what I should make. When that happens then you sink into socialism, communism or fascism. The only difference between the three is who owns what. No doubt any of these philosophies would set better with you than free market capitalism, which by the way is what made this country great.

Let's say for a moment that I am nothing but a greedy SOB, out to make every steenkin penny I can......SO WHAT? Again, since when does it become YOUR job or the gubment's job to dictate morality? Suddenly you are the gleaming beacon of moral perfection? I think not.

One thing is for sure, Sam. Even if I am obtuse, ignorant, or truly showing my greed, I'm making a hell of a lot more money than you and probably always will. I guess you'll just have to suck on that fact while you swig the koolaid and stew in your angry, class warfare, liberal juices.

I'm not going to comment on your anecdotal medical horror story. I hear these everyday from Barack Obama and his liberal friends. You probably never hear about the countless hundreds or thousands of times my colleagues and I diagnose horrible or perhaps not so horrible ailments in people every day regardless of color, religious beliefs, or financial status. You koolaid sippers never hear about those though and probably would not believe them anyway since we're all greedy SOB's.

Well, so you can see the workings of an angry, jealous, socialist, leftist. Didja all notice how they will spout out something and then twist it around to try and say something different. Didja all also catch how she cleverly called me a racist. Also, she again declares again that healthcare is a right, but she has still not found the part in the Constitution that makes this so.

The lessons are clear:
1. They have the entitlement and the gimme gimme mentality.
2. With liberals, freedom, hard work, and study count for nothing.
3. They want to tell YOU what to do and how to live your life.
4. They want to make themselves your moral compass.
5. They wrap themselves in anger, hatred, and class warfare.

I suppose I'll let this be my last post about this issue. It gets tiresome after a while. You know what they say, "Don't argue with a moron. After a while people may have trouble telling who's who."


  1. Logic and common sense are alien to the liberal mind all they will ever understand is brute force, and it may come to that.

  2. You can't win arguing with people like this.

    Good point about all the successful diagnoses you make, all the people you treat, heal, snatch back from the jaws of death. I guess those don't count because they don't fit the Liberal agenda.

    The point is, in a society based on capitalism, every citizen is entitled to do whatever kind of work they choose, build their own business if they choose, charge whatever they want for their product, and if the customers want to buy or participate in the product, it's their decision, their business -- NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Funny how there's always someone wanting to stick their nose in your bidness. Never fails.

  4. What yew need is a good pack `o liberals to talk some sense into yew and yer sweet (bless her heart) wifey who buys yew those nice basses with yer money. Calling all "kool-aid" drinking, "brainwashed" socialists!!! Make yer way to good ole Decaturville, TN for an intervention. Leave yer pitchforks at home. Just bring some teepee paper to clean up all that shite coming out his mouth. (You 'mite wanna have that looked at, Doc.) Be sure to knock tho - both his hands may not be on his bass if Sarah Palin is on the boob tube. She sho is a looker - just not much of a thinker.

  5. Dang, anonymous! You sound like yer fixin' to squeal like a pig! Do you have a purdy mouff?