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Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a Greedy SOB!

One of my favorite things in life is to take pokes at liberals. The funny thing is that liberals will purport to be all knowing, all loving, all caring, kind individuals, that is until you confront them with the stupidity of their positions which usually flies in the face of common sense. Then they become, loud, hateful, vitriolic, and if I’m lucky they might even call me a racist or a Nazi!

I have a good friend who has several daughters. A couple of them have somehow become diehard liberals. I’m not exactly sure of where and how they became so brainwashed but they seem like pretty much hopeless cases. One of them began by moaning to me how hard it was to make ends meet with her family and part of it of course is due to those exorbitant fees charged by her doctor. She then proceeded to tell me that the doctor ought not be allowed to charge those fees and should be regulated….by the gubment I guess……

I was then corresponding with her father who was lamenting to me over the fact that two of his daughters had derailed and plunged headlong into the liberal abyss.

I told him that they had swallowed the old leftist Democrat trick of class warfare and that anyone who made more money than they did was automatically evil and that the fruits of their labors should be confiscated and distributed to the “less fortunate”. I also told him that neither his daughter nor Barack Obama had the right to tell me or any private physician what he/she could charge for services. This correspondence was on a blog so liberal daughter had the opportunity to read it.

Here is the response I got from her:

Doc, I was naive to give you the respect that you thought you deserved. Who gives YOU the right to literally set the price of the value of a human life? You are not God. Doctors will still get paid, well, under this plan. Maybe those citizens who dream of luxuries aren't the ones who are greedy, as you proclaim.. maybe it's YOU, who's afraid you won't get your 3rd bass, 4th car, a new boat, a great vacation this year, etc. I'd rather "drink the Koolaid" and have a heart than be a greedy SOB who puts a price on human life/ health. You know what you don't like about the health care bill? Doctor responsibility to actually care for and serve your patients. You are not entitled to a huge salary just because you went to med school.

How about that for vitriol and class envy?

I’d like to pick this apart:

Who gives YOU the right to literally set the price of the value of a human life?

Boy now this is a stretch. Suddenly she is equating my charge for a service to the value of a human life??? I don’t know how she personally feels about the issue of abortion, but I can guess. The left puts NO VALUE on human life when they are willing to murder the unborn and parade old people in front of death panels, and she tells me I’m setting the price on human life??? Gimme a break!

You are not God.


Doctors will still get paid, well, under this plan.

Really? Says who? Perhaps she really believes Barack when he says that surgeons get 30K to 40K for cutting off a leg. The truth is that Medicare only pays doctors a fraction of charges for most procedures and they try and cut us each and every year. What business is it of hers or the gubment to decide how much I should get paid? Huh?

Maybe those citizens who dream of luxuries aren't the ones who are greedy, as you proclaim.. maybe it's YOU, who's afraid you won't get your 3rd bass, 4th car, a new boat, a great vacation this year,

I don’t recall of ever saying that citizens who dream of luxuries are greedy. I did say that people who buy cell phones, beer, cigarettes, pizzas, and beauty review dresses (all that essential stuff you know) and then gripe about having to pay their doctor bill really piss me off.

I have 2 bass guitars, both as gifts from sweet wifey. I have no need nor plans for another.

We have 2 cars. Mine is 12 years old. Wifey’s is 11 years old. They work. We have no immediate plans to buy another.

My boat is 14 years old. If she had read my post, “Ambushed”, she would have realized that my old boat is here to stay.

I ain't taking a vacation this year.

Wait just a damned minute! Who's bidness is it but mine how many bass guitars, cars, or boats I have, or how many vacations I take? Well hell fire! It's nobody's bidness but mine! How about that?

I'd rather "drink the Koolaid" and have a heart than be a greedy SOB who puts a price on human life/ health.

I studied hard for many years. I have worked hard for many years. I have relied on myself and made good decisions to get where I am today. Suddenly I am a greedy SOB. Cause I am successful and makes more money than she does? I should not be surprised. Barack and the left have done everything they can think of to vilify doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and drug companies. She has obviously swallowed the koolaid and believes every bit of this crap spewing from the mouths of the left. Hell my pediatrician friends take everyone’s tonsils out just to make BIG bucks! We’re all greedy SOB crooks doncha know?

Doctor responsibility to actually care for and serve your patients.

I’ve actually done that for nearly 30 years.

You are not entitled to a huge salary just because you went to med school.

Actually, I am. Most of my colleagues feel that they are too. She has no idea how difficult medical school is. She has no idea of the time, money, and sacrifice involved. She has no idea of the long hours and sleepless nights and the stress that I must make the right decision each and every time. I cannot afford to get it wrong. She has no idea.

My friends, this is the ranting of an angry, class envious, statist, leftist. People that think like this have lost what it means to be an individual. They would rather the gubment take over, take our liberty, dictate to us, and run our lives. It’s sad, very sad.

All I can say is, “It ain’t happening as long as there is breath in my lungs and my hands are around my gun!”


  1. Liberals seem to have a herd mentality and like to run with the pack. Individualism is something they can't understand and quite frankly something they hate. They live in a dark dreary world of neither night nor day. They see the view the real world with envy and seek not to join the happiness there, but to change it to fit into their twilight zone. Great post Grouch!

  2. Ha ha ha. I can't help but chuckle. I personally, am not ENTITLED to SHIT! I WORK for what I get, have, want! PERIOD!!!
    I went to the Huntsville Hamfest this weekend and bought the very FIRST new ham radio that I have ever owned! I am 62 and this is my VERY FIRST NEW RIG! I am going to enjoy it. Why, cause I have WORKED for the money to buy it. Yes, WORKED!
    A dirty word amongst the Koolaid drinkers, I admit.
    Now, my daughter DOES work, as does my son-in-law. I truly love em BOTH!
    But! Nobody on EARTH OWES ME SHIT! If I don't work to get it, I ain't gonna get it! Period!
    I have worked all my adult life for what I have and have had. No president has ever given me anything! I have a new rig. I did not use "Rig Stamps" to get it! I, personally, decided what I wanted, and I bought it with money I earned!
    I know it is a strange concept, but I did t anyway!
    Sam, BT does not owe you anything, the Government does no owe you anything, God does not owe you anything! If you want something such as a new car, a Nintendo, health insurance, indoor plumbing, food, clothes, gasoline do what everybody who is worth a shit does, WORK FOR IT! SAVE! SCROUNGE! HAVE YARD SALES ( I know you do).
    I worked 8 hours a day to eat and 8 hours a night to pay for you! It didn't kill me!
    I love you, but please don't think that Obama is gonna make you whole or well. It ain't gonna happen!

  3. Ron, the difference in this rookie liberal and a liberal politician is that the rookie will spill her guts and tell you exactly what she believes. Of course people won't buy it. The liberal politician on the other hand has become adept at saying things people want to hear and cleverly hiding the truth usually with smoke and mirrors. If liberal politicians told the truth and said exactly what they believed, none of them would ever get elected.

    Lizard, I'm glad you got you a brand new rig. Good luck with your wayward fambily.

  4. Nice job of picking apart those crazy comments.

    What does she think, that a high school drop out is supposed to get the same salary as a doctor who spent at least 10 years of his life NOT MAKING A SALARY while he was in school learning, learning, learning,..... I guess she must.

    Not to mention the family members who sacrifice for each doctor, parents, wives, husbands, children... who contribute what they can, who sacrifice some of their lives and certainly sacrifice time with their loved one who is either studying or at the school or hospital most of the time.

    Another thing, she had no idea what our lives, or any other doctor's life, is like. What we give and contribute to others our of the goodness of our hearts and love for others.

    She has no idea the amount of work you have done and not received one thin dime nor a "thank you" for your time, for your free medications, or anything else. I remember our books, a good 1/3 of the patients still owed you money, money they never intended to pay in the first place.

    We never turned away any child or old person in need, and we certainly never turned away anyone in an emergency situation. People got seen, treated, just as if they were millionaires.

    Where does she think that scholarships at colleges and universities and private schools come from? The government? Well a few do but many are from those who graduated from those fine institutions and gave back a portion of their HARD EARNED LABOR.

    And I do mean HARD EARNED. I wonder if she ever thought for one minute about her job. When she makes a mistake, could somebody die? I doubt it.

    I could go on and on, but it's like pounding your head against a concrete wall, it only hurts me and the wall learns nothing.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. Thank you my darling. The problem is that there are tons of thoughtless individuals out there that take the same position as she. They listen to this stuff from the left and swallow it hook line and sinker.

    Evil, rich, greedy, doctor........

    Gotta go! Gotta make 40 grand removing a hangnail.

  6. Good post.

    Don't you love people that tell you that YOU shouldn't be allowed to set the price of something while THEY should be.

  7. Bitmap, thanks for the comment. Most airline pilots make 6 figure salaries. Hey lets cut them down to the same as the McDonald's burger flipper.

    Betcha young liberal lass wouldn't be nearly as interested in getting on the plane for the next flight, but hey, I guess she knows best what an airline transport pilot should make.

  8. Submitted to the Watcher of Weasels Council post for the week. Good luck!


  9. Heh! Well done, Mr. Hamilton!

    Your charming wife has mentioned you before,but I didn't realize you had your own blog.I'll have to drop by more often.

    One thing your misguided correspondent also is too silly to realize is that Obamacare will result in less physicians. Dr. Kevin Pho made the point today that there aren't enough doctors now for Obamacare, let alone after it passes and physician's salaries are curbed.

    I have a couple of clients now who are doctors with about a third of your time in and they're in exactly the same sit - still paying off student loans incurred during their expensive schooling and not making nearly the money they anticipated when they incurred it.

    Obamacare will simply exacerbate the diminishing supply of doctors.

    Your correspondent ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, and you can tell her I said so.

    Best of luck with the blog and with this weeks' contest.


  10. Thanks, Rob, just as airline pilots are not gonna fly for the salary of a burger flipper, neither are doctors gonna work mircales for the same price. C'mon back anytime.

  11. The votes are in:


  12. The airline pilot analogy is perfect!! hey, I gotta question...how come when I work my ass of for the money, it's called 'greed', but when they vote that same money into their own wallets, it's called 'fairness'?

  13. That's a good question, Musclemd.

  14. I have part of the answer. I live in California. Take a look at our congressional and senate represenatives!! Pelosie, Waters, Boxer.( you fill in the kooks from your state) Idiots such as those were voted in by resident illegal aliens, and folks who don't believe in working for a living. Our elected government powers believe we (significant tax payers) should just shut up and and pay the bills for all, including non producers. Screw 'em. Whadda ya think?


  15. Hey Darryl Byrd. You folks in California sure enough have more than your share of kook politicians. We have a few in Tennessee too.

    The kooks are interested in the formation of a perpetual nanny state in which they will get perpetually re-elected. What better way than to populate the nanny state with helpless people that won't work? Illegal or otherwise.

    If it were up to me illegals would all be sent back to where they came from.