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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mike Vick is back.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, but I hear Mike Vick is now a Philadelphia Eagle. Whoopie for him, I guess. If you read my blog, yall know I love dogs. They are faithful, innocent creatures and pretty much fully dependent on the humans that take care of them. I have little use for people that intentionally abuse them.

What Mike Vick did was horrible. I know he served time. He should have served more. I know he apologized. I think he was mainly sorry he got caught. Some things in life just cannot be undone.

The problem with these high profile athletes is that tons of kids look up to them as role models. As I have said all along, your position in life is determined by the choices you make. Mike Vick had it all and he chose to throw it away. No matter where he plays, his reputation will be forever tarnished.

I never thought Vick was all that great. He was exciting when he was running around making plays with his legs, but as a pocket passer, dropping back and moving the ball from point A to point B, I thought he was mediocre at best. I'll be interested to see what the Eagles think they can do with him.

I'm glad he's not a Tennessee Titan.


  1. I'm not a football fan, I watch Univ of Tennessee and the Titans. But Michael Vick is scum of the earth. The things he did to those dogs, not just one dog, DOGS, horrible abuse and finally a horrible death.

    In my book, that is exactly what Vick deserves, the very same treatment he gave those dogs and nothing less. I will NOT watch him play.

    I hope every where he goes dog lovers line the streets with signs, I hope the fans BOO him when he enters the arena, I hope he NEVER is allowed to forget what he did.

    Never. Ever.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. I also am very far removed from Foosball Fandom. Vick is just another overpaid asswipe. If he done wrong, make him pay the price! I am also a helluva more doggy fan than "sports idol" fan.
    Lock his sorry ass back up and throw away the key!