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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Day in Court

Well, I spent part of Monday morning at the courthouse. In a previous post I mentioned that I had built a music room in which to keep all my musical junk and rehearse the band if necessary. As it turns out, I paid some carpenters a substantial amount of money to build the thing. They got about 90 percent done but they wouldn’t come finish the job. One of them told me that he couldn’t come work because his father had died and he had to go bury him. I found out this was a lie. Anyway, I had to hire and pay another carpenter to come and finish the job which he did in about ¾ of a day.

Music Room

I filed suit against these guys in an attempt to recover my loses. This was in May, and August 10 was my second time in court and evidently will not be my last. After all this time, all three of them have still not been served. You wouldn’t believe how many different addresses and how many different phone numbers a crook may obtain when trying to flee from his obligations. The judge decided not to give me a third court date but rather have the court clerk call me when all the papers finally are served and then they will schedule another date.

I do have an ace in the hole. I locked up their trailer and I intend to ask the court to grant me possession of it so I can sell it and recover my losses. I can probably get a lot more for the trailer than my actual losses have been. One of the crooks actually sent a guy in a truck over one day to try and get the trailer. I had to have the sheriff’s deputies escort him off my property. I told the guy driving the truck that it would probably be best if he NEVER came back, that I might no even bother to call the sheriff next time. I think he got the message.

Now I bet some of yall are sitting there wondering why these idiots didn't just come and finish the job. The circuit court clerk asked me the same thing. Well, that's a good question. I don't know. I figure they thought they could just get away with just walking away and I probably would not take the time or go to the trouble to do anything about it........WRONG!

My New Trailer

Sweet Wifey and I were sitting in the courtroom Monday watching the proceedings. Let me tell you, it’s better than a Saredee afternoon at Walmart. They begin with the criminal cases first. Most of these are people guilty of writing bad checks. There were a few there for DUI, domestic violence, drug offenders, and assault. There were about half a dozen there with striped prison uniforms on. Strangely, I knew or recognized about ¾ of the people in front of the judge. I had seen them dragging into the hospital at one time or another, mostly looking for narcotics.

Decatur County Courthouse

I felt out of place. Except for the lawyers, I was probably the only person in the whole courtroom wearing a coat and tie. If yall know me, you know I rarely dress up for anyone, but I think if I were charged with some kind of a crime, I’d try to look nice and presentable in front of the person charged with deciding my fate. This was not the case. Instead most of these people looked like they had been dragged in from a sideshow. There were dudes in old ragged T shirts and jeans, with all their hideous tattoos hanging out. There were some really hideous women in various attire, again with their hideous tattoos on display. A couple of them almost had their old sagging titties hanging over the side. Man oh man!

You never heard some of the squalling, and whining, and complaining, and lame excuses that came from some of these people. Even worse, the judge didn’t do anything to most of them, but rather gave them small fines and many of them continuances until they could have a chance to confer with an attorney.

The jailbirds in the striped suits thought all this was quite funny. A couple of them were over in the corner laughing and cutting up. Just another fun day at the courtroom.

After the criminal proceedings were done, the courtroom was about half empty. Next came the civil cases. First up was a lawyer representing a finance company suing people for bad debts. He had a whole list of people he was suing. Only about 20 percent of the defendants even showed up. I guess the other 80 percent weren’t too concerned about any judgment levied against them by the court. From the 20 percent there we heard more whining and complaining and excuses, but not as much as with the criminal cases.

When the finance company lawyer was done, it was finally my turn. Only two of the three people I was suing had been served so I found out I was going to have to again wait until another day.

On the way out of the courtroom, sweet wifey exclaimed that it was a good thing that she was not the judge. If she were, most of those people would have been under the jail.

As for me, I believe in employing the “one hundred method” to those with criminal and civil judgments against them.

The “one hundred method”:

1. You shall work one hundred hours per week.
2. You shall work in one hundred degree heat.
3. You shall lift and load one hundred pound boxes.
4. And in civil cases, collect one hundred dollars a month which will be paid to your creditor until your debt is paid.

For the criminals, I would add some extracurricular activities such as making little rocks out of big rocks mixed with the “Obama Shovel Ready Treatment” which consists of having one criminal dig a large hole while another criminal fills it up.

One day when you have nothing better to do, just sit in for a while at your local courtroom. I guarantee you it is almost as entertaining as midget stripper night at the local honky tonk.

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking the same thing about how all the criminals looked. Didn't seem that they had even bothered to comb their hair, and there we were sitting in suits like we were at church service on Sunday morning.

    Reminded me of a country song I heard on the radio, went something like this:

    I'm stuck on you,
    like an old faded tattoo,
    that can't be removed ....

    The criminals seem stuck in the life and can't get out, don't want to get out.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth