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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perhaps Even Another Constitutional Amendment???

Hell, why not change the constitution to limit the terms of senators to 2 years instead of 6. Make all the bastards in the house and senate have to answer to the voters every 2 years! Boy! Wouldn't that be a real cluster f*ck?

I really hate it when these senators get elected and then spend 5 out of their 6 year terms crossing that damned aisle.


  1. You still have the idiotic voters who will vote for someone only because they recognize their name.

    Right Truth

  2. Vote em ALL OUT! Start anew! Limit ALL terms to 2 years including president! Make em prove their worth and make em ALL be on social security!

  3. Two year terms would be great! Also to find some way in limiting the numbers of lawyers from any one state. Politicians and lawyers all have a way to "complicate the obvious while trivializing the momentous".