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Monday, August 24, 2009

Would Somebody Explain This to Me?

A few weeks ago a small stretch of road just a few miles from here was repaved. I wondered about this since the there was nothing wrong with the road to begin with. There were no cracks, no potholes, no nothing. It was just fine, yet it was being repaved. A little later this sign appeared at the beginning of the new pavement.

Hmmmmm, recovery.gov. I looked it up. It's an Obama project:

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 targets investments towards key areas that will save and create good jobs immediately, while also laying the groundwork for long-term economic growth."

Well, as I drove by, I noticed that the people paving the road were the same people with the highway department I had seen paving roads before. I waved at them of course. You know when you're driving in the south you always wave.

It dawned on me that this was "stimulus" money being spent here. It also dawned on me that the people working were the same people that were working before (no new jobs created).

So here we are. The federal gubment is broke. The American populace is in debt for several generations to come, and we are spending money we don't have, paving a road that is perfectly fine and doesn't need paving. I guess this is Barry's idea of a shovel ready project.

Why don't they just stop this nonsense and give the money back to the taxpayers? I betcha we could find something much more productive to do the cash! Would someone please explain this to me?



  1. The new government is Washington likes fixing things that are not broke and breaking things that are working well---welcome to the assylum!!!

  2. Right, Ron. Healthcare ain't broke. They will attempt a complete overhaul when perhaps a few minor adjustment are all that is needed.

  3. You can't "give back" something that doesn't exist. The government is broke, in debt, the only money they have is what they print.

    What they should do is, on paper because that's all there is, vote this stimulus bill out of business.

    Also what we need to do is vote OUT THESE BASTARDS.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth