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Monday, September 28, 2009

Grouch Does the Obama Chant!


  1. I'll bet your illustrious president DID NOT have beans for lunch!
    Well thought and produced. I dint know ye was a poet!

  2. I had nothing to do with the poetry, Lizzard. The Obama chant was the thing they had children doing in our public schools recently.

    Yep they are trying socialist indoctrination of the little kiddies at a very young age.


    Go to the link below to watch the whole disgusting thing.


  3. I love it! That's the reaction he deserves.

    I hear that the original song/chant the teacher used was actually singing about Jesus. That old messiah complex again.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. Great Grouch, but that's what I've been hearing from him all along---nothing but hot air that stinks!

  5. I love it !! Great video!!

    That's the least of what Obama deserves. He is definitely full of crap.

  6. Hilarious Video Thomas! Thanks for the Laugh.

  7. Thanks Debbie, Ron, Teresa, and Bunni. It was hard to keep a straight face while I was making the video. Glad yall liked it.

  8. Coffee came out of my nose! Thanks for the laugh! But I was wearing a white shirt.

  9. If the problem with flatulence persists contact your local Republican headquarters. They won't cure the flatulence, but they know how you feel.

  10. This is hilarious!

    I kept thinking of that great line from Monty Python's Holy Grail: "I fart in your general direction."