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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Morbid Strangers Update

Well, we may have one more gig before the break. At first we had a gig at Split Rail Bar & Grill in Linden, TN, scheduled for September 19. Then I was told it was cancelled. Now I am told it has been rescheduled for the 26th of September. The play time is from 6PM until 10PM. I am also told this is an outside gig, weather permitting. If the weather is bad, we'll do it indoors. Maybe it won't get cancelled this time.


  1. I didn't see anything on the web as to whether they serve food at the Split Rail Bar & Grill or not. If the gig is outside, that means it is probably small inside, but who knows.

    I know the group is looking forward to playing at the Split Rail and also looking forward to spending some time in the studio.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. I would really like to come back to the 412 to hear yo new group on New Years eve again. Course I would expect to hear some DECENT music, ya know what I mean!

  3. Deanna, we have no plans as of yet for New Years Eve. I dunno if Ali has any New Years Eve plans either. I'll certainly put up a post here as soon as anything comes up.