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Friday, September 4, 2009

Not to be Outdone by Lizzard

Well, Lizzard has been spouting off over his escapades in the 8th grade. This did remind me of a funny occurance in my 8th grade class. Our principal was Jimmy Morris. He was a fat, round, ill tempered little fellow and all the students nicknamed him "Porky". He really hated that nickname.

Porky bought himself a brand new car, a Buick I think it was and it had white upholstry. Well, during the night of the Halloween party at grade school, someone picked the lock on Porky's new Buick and inserted a full grown goose into the car. They left a note on the side view mirror which said, "The midnight callers were here." The poor bird was locked up in the car for a good three to four hours.

Have you ever wondered what green goose dung on white upholstry looks like?

Now I know what you're thinking........NO I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH PUTTING A GOOSE IN PORKY'S CAR!

On my honor as a conservative!

I did however laugh. Porky did not laugh. Poor Porky......


  1. And you want us to believe that "You did not have carnal knowledge of this goose?"
    I kind of doubt this!
    Anyhow, Mr. Bishop was a great guy and a friend to all, even tho' he could swing a mean paddle!

  2. BTW, I am on SSTV right now! Where the heck are you? You aint playing in de band, you aint werkin? Yo friends wuz wunnerin if ye was alibe.
    Told em ye wuz, but you know how I lie!

  3. No need to get curt, Lizzard. It so happens I am working my arse off at the chamburr of horribles.

  4. If the students who put the goose in the car were ever caught, oh my goodness. I wonder what would have happened then, and I wonder how it would be handled today.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. Libya would trade them for their weight in gasoline.

  6. I wondering what Porky did to the goose or with it. Maybe saved it for Thanksgiving.

  7. I dunno what happened to the goose, in fact, I'm not sure exactly where the midnight callers got the goose in the first place. Seems as if I remember something about geese being kept on a nearby farm. That was a long time ago and the details have faded.