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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Preparing for the Storm

Well, it's been a long time coming, but it's finally official. In 2010, Decatur County General Hospital (my workplace) will become a completely smoke free campus. Smoking has been forbidden inside the building for some time now, but in 2010 it will be banned ANYWHERE on the property. No smoking in the parking lot, surrounding buildings or even the walking track out back......NOWHERE!

This idea is really nothing new and DCGH is actually somewhat behind the curve as many other facilities in west Tennessee have already gone completely smoke free.

I'm just waiting for the fun to begin. Lotsa the nurses are already griping about it. Imagine that, they gotta actually work a whole 12 hour shift without a smoke. I'm sure many of the deadbeats and dopeheads and their families that frequent the ER and the hospital will also be upset. They no longer will be allowed to run out back and smoke while they are waiting for me to write them a prescription for their narcotics. There's gonna be a whole buncha bitching and griping and complaining, trust me. No more patients dragging their IV poles out to the smoking area in January to light up (they weren't supposed to do this anyway but a few will sneak out from time to time).

Now if yall read my blog, you know that I really have a problem with the gubment mandating anitsmoking campaigns, but this is after all a private facility and let's face it......if you're here, and you're sick, you don't need to be smoking. I've actually seen people leave against medical advice cause they couldn't smoke. Well I guess those people are either extremely stupid or maybe they just weren't that sick to begin with. I am hopeful that this new mandate may reduce the inflow of stupid people we deal with here from time to time......nah, probably not....

Things have come quite a way since I first started. When the world was new, patients and staff actually smoked in the hospitals. I can remember trudging down the halls at night with people parked in the hall floors smoking. As things progressed lighting up was eventually limited to certain areas in the building and then to outside and then to certain areas outside. Now it will be nowhere, nohow. I am actually surprised that the Joint Commission (that's the outfit that accredits hospitals) has not yet mandated smoke free facilities. I figure that probably some of the Joint Commission people are probably chain smokers....hee hee. Anyway, it will happen one day.

So wish us luck. Come 2010, the fun will begin.


  1. The hospital I work in went smoke free last year. Doesn't stop the visitors. Our security guards must be chicken to really enforce it.

    Doesn't stop some of the nurses, either. You see them walking across the street on their breaks...

    Maybe your facility will actually enforce it!

  2. I dunno Sue. I expect there will be a lotta violations. Many of the people around here have a half hearted attitude about it. The idea has actually been kicked around for some time now. Even a couple of the doctors were dubious about it stating that some of their patients might get mad. Since then we've gone to a hospitalist system and the attendings don't admit a lot directly anymore so they really don't care. Time will tell.



  3. They will just walk off hospital property, maybe to the gas station across the drive, and smoke there.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth