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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes Pimply Faced Kids Just Don't Get It

Well, ya know I ordered my new MacBook Pro from Musician's Friend last Fridee.

Saredee, Musician's Friend called the house telling sweet wifey that they needed to "confirm" my order and I needed to call them right away. I was mobile and called them from my cellphone. They told me I needed to call them back from the phone nummer they had on file (my home nummer). I told them no can do since I was mobile and would not be home until midnight. No problem, I agreed to call them Sundee.

Sundee, I called them and they told me that there was a problem with people getting MacBook Pro's from them with fraudulent credit cards. They told me I needed to fax them a copy of my drivers license and that the address on the DL must match the address they have on file. I was beginning to get a little exasperated at this point and said, "You know, you can see I am calling you from the nummer you have on file and if you'll look at your records, you'll see that I have been your customer for a long long time."

To no avail..........I still had to fax them a copy of my DL and I was supposed to call them right back as soon as I faxed it to make sure they got it okay.

Have you ever tried to stick your drivers license in a fax machine? Well, I don't think it can be done, so I scanned both sides of the DL and created a very attractive 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper with high resolution pictures of my DL and my order nummer. I then gleefully faxed this whole thing back to Musician's Friend.

I waited about 10 minutes and called them back. The voice on the other end of the phone let me know that I was given incorrect information. The fax machine where I sent the fax was in a locked office and the woman who occupied the office would not be there until Mundee. It was apparent to me by now that I was dealing with pimply faced teenagers, probably rejects from Arby's.

This morning, Mundee, I called them and asked them to find the fax so they could process my order. After a long interlude of elevator music, the voice came back and told me that my fax had "failed the identity test."

"What?" I exclaimed. "How can it fail the identity test? You either got it or you didn't!"

"Oh well, the images of your drivers license were too large. It looks like you expanded the images before you faxed them." declared the pimply faced teenager.

He told me I could try and fax it again or I could open up a Paypal account with which to pay them or I could wire them the funds via Western Union.

Have yall ever wondered why I am so grouchy?

I said, "Look, I have done everything you told me to do. You didn't say anything about the size of the images on the fax. Have you ever tried to fax a drivers license? If you'd look at your computer, you'd see that I have been your valued customer for many years and have purchased several thousand dollars of stuff from you. I'm not going to jump through anymore of your hoops. You can either process my order now or you can cancel it! I can call Best Buy right now and order this same computer and they will have it here tomorrow."

"Uh well, there's nothing I can do." stammered the pimply faced teenager.

"Cancel my order. I want to speak with a manager" I growled. I was really steamed by now as you can imagine.

The "shift leader" came to the phone, but it was quickly apparent that he was also another pimply faced teenager. He proceeded to explain to me about all the money that Musician's Friend had lost due to fraudulent credit card transactions with this computer. I told him I was sorry to hear about that but that he was making their problem, my problem and that I did not appreciate it.

I said, "Do you mean to tell me you're willing to lose a customer who has sent you thousands of dollars when you know damned well that I am who I say I am?"

"There's nothing I can do." he said.

"Cancel my order. I'll be doing business with Zzounds from now on." I barked.

Musician's Friend hires the same pimply faced teenagers that Arby's does. Once you get them programmed, they cannot think outside the box. I went in the house and told sweet wifey what had happened. I was just getting ready to go back out to my room and call Best Buy when the phone rang.


This time it was some girl on the phone. I guess she was the damage control officer. She was oh so sorry that all this had happened and offered to expedite my order if I would allow her to re-instate it. After letting off a little steam, I finally agreed. I wondered why the "shift leader" had not put her on the phone to begin with. I figure they musta finally pulled up my account history and let out a big "OH SH*T!". I actually really like Musician's Friend. Their website is super duper, much better than Zzounds.

Later on I got a confirmation email that my order had been submitted. I was at first alarmed to notice that they had double filled one of the items I ordered. I had ordered four Sennheiser headsets and a mixer box. They stated they were sending me eight Sennheiser headsets and two mixer boxes, but I was relieved to see that the amount I was charged was accurate. So I dunno if this was an accident or if they did it on purpose but I guess the band and I will be swimming in headsets.

Long ago I usta be a pimply faced teenager.............hmmmm, actually I don't remember having that many pimples. I don't think I was ever like these pimply faced teenagers today. My very first job ever was at a place called Roy Rogers Roast Beef Sandwiches (that was really the name of the place). The manager, a fellow named Clint Tosh, told me at the beginning that even if I thought the customer was an idiot, that the customer was always right and that it was everyone's job to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. He explained to me that an angry customer would probably tell several of his friends of his negative experience at Roy Rogers and many of those people would never come visit us. Pretty good advice I think for a pimply faced teenager to hear.

I guess Clint trusted me. After a while he would let me come in on Saredee and Sundee all by myself and open the store. I'd have to cook the roasts, fill the soda and shake machines, cook the French fries, load the cash registers from the safe, and many other things. I was kinda proud. Not bad for a pimply faced teenager. Thanks Clint!


  1. I never had any pimples, I was one of those lucky teenagers born with good genes I guess.

    As to Musicians Friend. I've ordered from them several times, they have always been very nice on the phone, their website works great, and they deliver really quickly. I think in every company there are some idiots, and you just happened to run across them with this order.

    I bet they put a gold star on your file and you get special treatment from now on.

    Maybe they doubled your order as a "thank you" for putting up with the pimply faced teenagers.

    Chill out, have a Hurricane or two, and snuggle with your girls (me and Penny the Beagle).

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. My name is Paul Christensen and I am the Director of Contact Center Operations and Customer Service for Musician's Friend. I appologize for the tardy post, but I just now read this blog. I would like the opportunity to win your business back. I promise to make it worth your while. Please call me at your earliest convenience at 801-501-8101. That is direct to my office.

  3. Paul Christensen. I have your number. I am at work today plus I have laryngitis. I'll plan on giving you a call tomorrow after I get home.



  4. Sounds like things turned out great. Mr. Christensen's comment and conversation with you shows that those in charge really do want things to run smoothly. This is probably the first he heard about your situation.

    Good news.

    Right Truth