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Sunday, September 20, 2009

What if........???

There's is no doubt about it. September and October are two of my favorite months of the year. The heat of the summer has passed, although summer heat this year was kinda meager, thanks to all that global warming. The weather is usually pretty calm here compared to spring, not usually much severe weather with which to contend. The fishing in the Tennessee River picks up from the summer slump, and oh yeah...............FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS!
Saturday it's the college games and on Sunday I can lay on the couch and watch the pros with a little extra icing on the cake every Monday night. Football is the uniquely American sport. I know the rest of the world refers to soccer as "football" but let's face it, watching a soccer game is about as exciting as watching Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi. Football is the only sport where the object of the game is to slam into your opponent with full force and bring him to the ground. It's too brutal for the rest of the world to swallow......indeed, uniquely American.

In football as far as I am concerned, there are no excuses. Some of my friends grumbled about the season opener between the Titans and the Steelers. If the Titans had just done this or that, or if Bironas had not missed those field goals then the Titans would have won. Well, the score was tied at the end of the game. The Steelers marched down the field during the first possession in overtime and won the game. The Titans defense should have stopped them. They did not. They lost. No excuses!

Now for those of you that have read my blog in the past, you'll know that I am a through and through conservative and a capitalist. I've heard people say, "I don't think Donovan McNabb is worth all that money." or "I don't think Peyton Manning deserves to make the money he makes." Well I don't agree. The fact of the matter is that we are paid by our abilities or more specifically the uniqueness of our abilities. How many of us could go out onto a football field and command a game like Peyton Manning or Brett Favre? If you have the smarts and the ability and perhaps the guile to make multimillions of dollars, then I say go for it.

I do find an exception to this however. As I watched the Tennessee/Florida college game yesterday, the commentators were talking about the 3.5 million dollar, Lane Kiffin, coaching package that Tennessee had put in place.

I hear every year how football coaches come to colleges and universities across the country for multimillion dollar contracts. Then I think about all the kids out there that may not have been able to go to that college because they simply could not afford it. How many kids could have gone to the University of Tennessee for 3.5 million dollars? Probably a bunch of them.

What if all of a sudden the NCAA mandated that a college football coach could be paid no more than a college math or history professor? Is football and sports worth more than math and science and history? I think not and the fact of the matter is that most of the college athletes are going to have to rely on what they actually learned in college to get by in life. How many passes they caught or how many tackles they made won't amount to a hill of beans.

Of course the quality of college football would probably diminish under such a system, but it would be an equal diminution.

I say if you wanna make big bucks as a football coach, then you ought to be a pro coach. Am I wrong? Am I taking a purely socialist view of the college football situation? I'd like to hear about it!

See ya later. The Titan/Texans game just started.


  1. You just got finished saying "The fact of the matter is that we are paid by our abilities or more specifically the uniqueness of our abilities." Then you question what a college coach makes. Can't have it both ways. Either someone is paid what the market is ready to pay, or not. Can't control college coach pay and not control pro players pay. Just my opinion, but it sounds like a contradiction in your thinking, which doesn't happen often.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. My dad took me to my first college game I believe, in 1948 at Tiger Stadium at Baton Rouge. From that moment on I was hooked on college ball. He never was a fan of pro ball and often said, he didn't believe in young men getting paid to play football. Suppose, I'm a chip of the old block as a hold those beliefs today and seldom if ever watch a pro game. My father was an academic and I spent time on many college campuses from LSU, to So. Miss, to Univ of GA, to Unv of FL with him and later in my studies. College ball is deeply inbeded in my life and the roar of friday night pep rallies, and saturday afternoon and evening games still raise my already high blood pressure. I agree college coaches make far too much as do pro coaches. Like you Grouch, maybe here I'm a bit of a socialist.

  3. You might be right my sweetie. My thinking might be a bit flawed. Let me present the argument this way:

    Perhaps institutions of higher learning should have a primary focus of educating young people rather than offering coaches multimillion dollar contracts.

    However, since it appears that most institutions of higher learning seem fine with offering multimillion dollar coaching contracts when some students end up being shut out, then I cannot fault a coach who wants to try for one of these lucrative positions. I guess my umbrage is with the colleges and universities.

    Ron Russell, my difference with you is over pro coaches. One may feel like coaches and players are overpaid and not worth it, but I guess these things are in the eye of the beholder. After all the key word here is PROFESSIONAL. I say let the participants get paid what the market will bear.

  4. All coaches are OVERPAID POMPOUS SOB's.
    There is no room for them in the human race!
    Anybody who will waste their time watching foosball has no life!
    Sorry, but that's my opinion!

  5. Aw hell, Lizzard, I've always thought that YOU were an overpaid pompous ass, but I've always been too nice to say so!

    As Patton said,

    "I'll drink to that, one sonofabitch to another!"

  6. Why in the world would any right thinking individual waste his time watching a bunch of overpaid sweaty jocks grunt and run acrost a field, when he COULD BE saving lives, tawkin on his ham didio, soldering wires together, cutting grass, fishing, working on a motor, chatting with friends, painting the house, farting, belching or any of any OTHER 100,000 things? All I ask is WHY?????

  7. As to the college coaches, much of the money for these sports teams comes from the Alumni doesn't it?

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth