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Friday, October 9, 2009

Life is All About Choices

It's a real sad time for this country and our armed forces. We have idiot buffoons in charge in Washington. They do not have the intelligence to follow the directions of our generals nor the courage or fortitude to win the war in Afghanistan.

I've said before in a previous post that the only time we should be involved in a war is when we are willing and able to prosecute the war quickly and violently. Half measures should never be an option. If we're not willing to engage the enemy fully and brutally, we need to get out.

Having said that, I have to painfully say that it is time for us to withdraw from Afghanistan. Better that than waste another American life in a protracted, Vietnam style quagmire which Obama and Biden seem intent on foisting upon us. It is now evident that the Karzai government is corrupt and not worth defending as far as I am concerned.

Indeed we should withdraw before another American life is spent. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if we leveled the whole place after we left, leaving not even a cockroach alive. The world would be a better place.

Will Afghanistan degenerate into another hotbed of terrorist activity? No doubt, but I guess we'll just have to hang that one on the shoulders of the Magic Negro and his lame administration. Hope we can survive until he's gone. I'm not optimistic.

The whole situation sickens me. The disgrace we have for a commander in chief sickens me even more.

If someone was trying to kill you, who in the picture above would you choose to defend you, huh?


  1. You've got this on completely right Grouch---war is not a game, "all in or get the hell out"!

  2. As badly as I hate to agree with you on anything, Lets tuck our sorry tails between our legs and bring our boys HOME! We are not fooling anybody.
    We are presently a "Lame Duck Nation!"
    We do not have any leadership whatsoever, we do not believe ANYTHING our so called "Leader" has to say!
    Bring 'em home and try to bluff our way out of the mess.....

  3. I agree that if we are not going to fight this with everything we have, then we should get out.

    Right now our military has no clear mission, they are placed in some of the most dangerous areas with rules of engagement (ROE) that are making them fight with two hands tied behind their backs.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. Ron, you're right. This war we're in right now is life or death.

    Lizzard, it is good for you to agree with me. Keep it up.

    Thanks for the comment, sweetie.