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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost Creek Rocks!

This will be our thirteenth Halloween here at our sleepy Lost Creek home. Lots of good things can be said for living in the sticks. It's peaceful and quiet......I like peaceful and quiet.

Also in thirteen years I recall that we have only had one door to door salesman. I think he was selling insurance or something. We've only had one Jehovah's Witness. Those people have no idea what they are selling! And best of all, we have had NO TRICK OR TREATERS!

That's right! Not a single little dipsh*t dressed in some ridiculous costume hollering, "TRICK OR TREAT!" Not one in thirteen years!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! There's just nothing like the peace and quiet of Lost Creek!


  1. I still have a small cabin in the remote sticks and often retreat to it to get that peace and quiet. Looks like you have a good setup there on the TN River.

  2. We do Ron. The trees are beautiful, the wild life is plentiful, the peace and quiet is wonderful. It's like living in Tarzan's tree house, since we are on a hill and our big 30 X 14 screen porch looks out into the trees.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Yep, I can't think of a place on Earth I'd rather be than good old lost creek.

  4. 13 years, DAMN, time flies. Seems like only yestiddy ye was Trennon rezdents! Course, on the udder hand, it has been 12+ years since I married my sweet Lainey, as ye well know. My old daddy allus tole me that the older ye got the faster the years went by. Didn't believe him then, but I knows it now! Well, as always, you and Trixie have my utmost love and so forth. I hope yall enjoy another 50+ years at lost crick.
    BTW, Sam's trying to give birth to my fust homemade grandboy now, docs are trying to stall the lil bugger as he is six weeks early! Keep yo fangers crossed, trying to hold him to as close to Dec 16th as possible!
    7 Turds on ye's, Liz

  5. Lizzard, I hope when the baby pops out it is white.