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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama says he's looking at any way to create jobs

"SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) - Standing at the site of a highway project funded by his economic stimulus plan, President Barack Obama said Wednesday he is committed to exploring all avenues to create jobs.

Obama said his administration is going to keep going until "every single American in this country who's looking for work is going to be able to get the kind of well-paying job that supports their families.""

Go HERE to read the rest....

Barry, old buddy, old pal, let me help you out. The solution is EZ:

1. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

2. Suspend the payroll tax for at least three months.

3. Reduce the top marginal rate to say........28 percent????

4. Repeal the capital gains tax.

5. Forget this nonsense about socialized medicine.

6. Forget this nonsense about cap and trade.

7. Abolish CAFE standards for the gubment owned car companies and let them make cars that people want to buy.

8. Let's start drilling like hell for our own oil, let's build lots of new nuclear plants and new oil refineries and become energy independent once and for all!

9. Don't spend any of the rest of the unspent "stimulus" money.


Your friend,

The Grouch...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a plan to me.

    The problem is that we have a bunch of people running the country who has no experience at running anything. They. Don't. Have. A. Clue. What they are doing, making it up as they go.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth