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Friday, October 16, 2009

Running for Cover????

Well, to understand this post, you'll have to read the post immediately preceding this one. Anyway, here is a "clarification" from the administrator of Henderson County Community Hospital and somewhat of a retraction from Elite Emergency Services.


I stated that we were required to have our physicians inoculated or sign a declination form. I also stated this was a CHS initiative and that we strongly encourage all staff to have their flu shot. I did not stat that medical professionals were REQUIRED to have the flu vaccine. I also stated that this was a CHS initiative and not a HCCH initiative. This was a FYI since Elite is in more than one of our facilities. You can choose whatever format you wish, I just need the physicians that work here to provide one or the other. We have developed a form for employee health to use in order to take verbal declinations that includes reasons why they are declining. You will need to check with other facilities to see what process they are using.


In response to the main email sent out previously this week, just know that Elite wants to provide the best medical services to all of our facilities and that Elite tries to communicate in an effective manner with policy changes at each facility. If there was any misunderstanding, Elite apologizes in advance. This email was sent anonymously to all physicians and medical professionals that contract with Elite. If you choose not to have the inoculation and you work at Henderson, please just state it on the form and send back to Elite.

Thanks to each and every one of you and the excellent medical services you provide for Elite!

So there you have it! What do you think? I report, you decide!

We have to remember that the CDC is a gubment agency and you can bet the majority of the people that work there are in the pocket of the Obama administration. Since the Obama administration has done nothing but lie to us from the outset, I give little credence to the CDC.................BUT, unlike me, many are happy to blindly and without question, just go along with anything they might say.


  1. Often when the government speaks and commands the people will obey---sad but true!

  2. It's like the nurse at the hospital told us when we got our H1N1 shots, it's no big deal. You can take the shot or you can sign the bottom of the form stating that you decline. No one is forcing anybody to take it.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth