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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Rivers? You Gotta be Sh*ttin' Me!

Watched a new show on CBS, Three Rivers. It's gotta be one of the worst medical shows I've ever seen. The whole premise is that Three Rivers is a transplant center hospital in Pittsburgh....how original.

Well, there's this illegal alien from Ethopia who tracks down the world famous transplant surgeon, Andy Yabionski. Of course the guy from Ethiopia does not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, yet he is petitioning the hospital and Dr. Yabionski for a new heart. No doubt a subliminal message to all of us out there to pass Obamacare.

Then there was this dialog:

"He's in asystole! Does he have a pulse?"

Well, I hate to tell you, but if a patient is in asystole. THEY WILL NOT HAVE A PULSE! Who writes this stuff?

Then they proceed to take a 28 week fetus by C-section. The next scene shows papa in the nursery holding a full term baby! Who writes this stuff?

Then they have a story about a muslim dude who is brain dead after an accident. He is a heart donor, but his family laments over all the hardships and persecution he had to endure after 9/11. Who write this stuff?

Question: Who writes this stuff?

Answer: Some flaming liberal who knows nothing about medicine.

Geez I'd be happy to be one of their consultants for a price!

Three Rivers has been taken off the DirecTV record list after only one episode. Don't waste your time.


  1. Quite honestly, I never watch an TV dramas or comedy, just listen to FOX News while working on my Arts and Crafts or blogging. I noticed many years ago after the westerns faded that amost every show had a liberal slant, one might say a "Manchurian Candidate" theme. So I just don't care to watch the farst.

  2. You asked "who writes this stuff?" You can see the writers and producers here, with links to each one provided.


    The creator and one of 4 writers is Carol Barbee. She has only written on one previous show "Providence". This is her first created show, she has acted on other shows. Don't look for her name to become famous.

    From the Dallas News review:


    On tonight's debut, a pregnant woman brings her husband in – the dolt cut his head and needs stitches – but she needs a new heart, as it turns out. Another kid wanders in off the street from Ethiopia, by way of Omaha. He needs a heart, but – current events alert – he has no insurance. No problem! Yablonski to the rescue.

    You can be reasonably certain a show may have problems if you can't decide whether it's a comedy or a drama. If comedy, then bravo, CBS! Three Rivers is a masterful sendup of old medical TV show conventions, dating back to the '50s, with a parade of clichés so obviously and hilariously inane that you will laugh until your side aches. And boy, you don't want to come into this hospital with a headache; if you do, the show writers will make certain you need a brain transplant.

    And when surgeon Andy Yablonski gives that knowing smile, and nods his head slowly, thoughtfully – think Marcus Welby – then you're just gonna fall right off the couch. Except ... I think Three Rivers is a drama.



    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. Ron, the TV here normally stays on Fox News. We never watch anything in real time. It's always recorded on the DVR.

  4. So, I am to assume that you don't like this program?? LMAO...

    I watch a lot of Police and Law Enforcement shows and pick their plot to pieces, much the same way I guess... Some of this crap is thought up in *Mary Jane* land... Or worse...

  5. Fred, I have a natural attraction to medical shows, mainly in the roll of a critic. I can overlook many of the errors, but Three Rivers was so lame it had no redeeming qualities.