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Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows versus Leopard - No Contest

Just wanted to give a little update on my new MacBook Pro. I'm delighted so far. Here's a few comparisons to my Windows computers:

1. The Mac boots up and runs in about 15 seconds. It takes my Windows machines about 2 minutes.

2. The Mac shuts down in about 10 seconds. It takes the Windows machines a couple of minutes to shut down while it "saves your settings".

3. When I'm pointing and clicking or typing on the Mac, I can do so uninterrupted. The Windows machines will frequently switch without notice to another window or put up a stupid dialog box telling you about some available update or some situation you don't really care about.........ANNOYING!

4. When I click on the Mac, it responds immediately, first time, every time. Often, you'll click on the Windows machine and it just sits.............you click again.........wait.......wait.........that damned pointer changes to an hour glass.........wait......you look down and see the hard drive light on and hear the drive churning away endlessly.........WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING?

5. When I turn the Mac on, I find everything just as I left it. When the Windows machines finally wake up, sometimes screen sizes will be different, sometimes settings will be changed etc. I fired up my Windows Vista notebook the other day to find that it had turned off my wireless internet connection. However the network indicator light on the computer was still on. To fix things, I had to reboot, and manually search out and re-establish wireless internet connections.

6. The Leopard interface is different from Windows but very intuitive. I'm zipping along now as if I have always had a Mac.

7. I never really liked notebook computers much until now. I never really cared for the touch pad versus a regular mouse like with a desktop, but the Mac has changed all that. The touchpad will do a variety of different things depending on how many fingers you have on the pad at one time. You can move, scroll, size, and rotate documents all with the fingers of one hand. There are no buttons. You can "left click" by pushing ANYWHERE on the pad, and you can still "right click" down in the lower right corner. This thing is just too cool.

8. When the Mac goes to sleep, it wakes up in the same state as before. Sometimes when my Windows Vista notebook goes to sleep, it wakes up with different settings. Sometimes it won't wake up at all (I've actually had to take the battery out and do a hard reset to get its attention).

I'm using the Mac to run my Pro Tools audio studio program. It runs flawlessly on the Mac. Pro Tools itself is another matter. It is not something where you read a manual and away you go. It is a process and requires CONTINUOUS learning, but the Mac never interferes with the learning process.

So far I'm still smiling. These days it takes a lot to get the GROUCH to smile.


  1. I'm so glad you like the Mac. I've never used one. So far my Dell is working fine after replacing the mother board AND the hard drive, reinstalling every program from scratch, blah blah blah.

    So for now I'm perfectly happy with the Dell. When it croaks I might have to check out the MAC.

    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Snookums, when your Dell dies, it would be my pleasure to treat you to a Mac.