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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Message from a Tattooed Girl

I may be and old fogey and perhaps a bigot, but at least I'm a fair minded bigot. I have gotten a ton of hits from a previous post called: Pretty Girls, Ugly Girls, Tattoos, Jobs, Welfare, Life's Little Decisions.

I got what I would call a thoughtful reply from a young lady named Stella. I don't necessarily agree with her, but at least she was nice and did not call me a Nazi or a racist as did a previous commenter. Here's her comment. Perhaps you readers would care to voice an opinion???

Personally I love tattoos, why would I not want to be covered in art? I am not a drug seeker, or a free loader, and I am definetly not trashy or poor. I know full well that people are going to judge me for my tattoos, and I am fine with that, if someone is going to write me off before they listen to what I have to say then that is one less close minded, ignorant person in my life and my tattoos just did me a favor. Having said that I think that you can tell a lot about a person from their tattoos, I plan on getting a sleeve, but I would never get a tramp stamp, a girl can have tattoos and keep it classy it's 2009 times are changing, it's not impossible to have tattoos and be successful, if your on welfare don't blame it on your tattoos you've clearly made many bad decisions in your life and your tattoos are just icing on the cake. If your good at what you do, tattoos should not be a factor. As for your opinion about girls with tattoos being hideous, I doubt very much that those girls would enjoy being oggled by an overweight, middle aged man in a jean jacket, oh and my dad happens to be a rich white guy with a visible arm tattoo, when hiring people he bases it on experience, skill and work ethic, what a crazy concept right?

By the way. I told Stella I was way beyond the ogling stage.


  1. As long as your a#$ looks like THAT, I don't care WHAT YOU PUT ON IT!
    Seriously, I am still opposed to desecrating the human body with ink!
    Course everybody knows I am a narrow minded old poop anyhow!

  2. BTW, I still OGLE!
    My libido may be down, but it aint OUT!!!

  3. Of course I don't think your a Nazi or a racist, everyones entitle to their opinion. My own mother hates tattoos and she let's me know everyday, I knew I wasn't going to change your mind I just had to put my two cents in. =]

  4. Personally, I have never wanted a tattoo, but I know many fine people who have them and thats fine with me. I never judge someone because of their tattoo.

  5. Thanks, everybody.

    I actually have several friends with a variety of tattoos and they are not any less of a friend because of them. In my initial post though my point is that first impressions can be the most important.

    By the way, Stella, come on back and visit the blog often and feel free to comment any time.


  6. I would like to say that i do tattoo's. I have a number of people that what a physical reminder of something that they have gone throug. For example i have a client that had survived breast cancer and wanted the ribbion tattooed on her. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself. Besides doing tattoos i am also 28 years old and a doctor. I have 14 tattoos that can be covered if need be. Just because you have them doen't mean that you are a low life or not going to make something out of your life. Tattoos go back all the way to 2200BC in egypt. HMMMM bible says don't get them yet they were getting them before christ.... I think that is something to think about.

  7. Hey doctor anonymous, your points are well taken. You and your tattoos are welcome here any time.