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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Morbid Strangers Thanksgibberin

Sweet wifey and I spent some time this afternoon over at the Hensley's house (Morbid Strangers) eating and relaxing. Never seen so much food...... Gonna be back there tonight with the band while we knock out a few more original songs for our CD.


  1. Looks like the good old boys at a reunion.

  2. Hey!

    What's up with those TITANS??????????

    Congrats, my man!

  3. We had a great time. Tons of food but mostly good, Christian friends who enjoy each other, family, friends and good music.

    YEAH Tennessee Titans. I was afraid they were going to lose this game Sue.

    Right Truth

  4. Yes, Lizzard, wow!

    Ron, it was actually a fambily reunion. It was all of Tony Hensley's (guitar player) fambily. The food was good but I could have done without all the little screaming kids. Glad I have only peace and quiet.

    Sue, the Titans have become exciting once again. They still have a slim chance at a wild card, although I'm not holding my breath. The test will be next week when they play the Colts. If they can hand Peyton and the horses a loss it would really be something.

  5. Grouch and Debbie,

    Even though I live in Indiana (right smack dab between Indy and Cincy...I was a Bengals fan before the Colts snuck out of
    Baltimore in the dead of night!), I am secretly hoping the Dolts go down...Go TN!

    Did you guys see that Saints/Patriots game last night? PERFECTION by the Saints and Brees! LOVED to see Brady/Belichick go down in prime time

  6. Yall playin anywhar New Yeers Eve Nite?

  7. Mought come lissen ye know. Specially iffn ye was ta play De House!

  8. We are not plannin on playin that I know of, Lizzard. Busy working on original songs and recording. Everyone seems pretty much engrossed in that.