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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama, a Man with a Mission

I captured the following image off Drudge this afternoon:

Now you might look at this and ask, "What kind of an idiot can Barack Obama be?"

If would be nice to think that he is just a stupid naive idiot, but no, he's a man on a mission. His mission is more gubment intrusion, more gubment regulation, more loss of freedom for all of us.

Most of the people in congress are on the same mission.

Woe is us.


  1. Yes for now "woe is us", but mark my word Grouch in 2010 woe is them who dare to put these "progressive" programs in front of us in the name of the public welfare. Those with this herb mentality will follow Obama right of the cliff of American outrage.

  2. You are right and his mission is to destroy this country.

    There is a movement to push for impeachment, but it will never get anywhere.

    Right Truth

  3. Ron, I hope you're right about 2010, but I am still skeptical. Seems like politicians have a way of cultivating the forgetfulness of the American people and keep getting their sorry asses elected time after time, no matter what kind of shenanigans they are up to.

    If healthcare and crap and trade are such great ideas, why don't they wait until closer to election to bring them up? What's the all fired hurry to gettum done in a non-election year?

    Sweet wifey.......you're pretty sweet.