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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stupid, Ignorant, Bigoted People Always Seem to Have the Answers

Sometimes life at our sleepy little hospital can get a little frustrating. In particular I have become rather disgusted at the enormous amount of criticism the present hospital administrator has endured.

When she came here in January of 2007, she inherited a mess. The hospital was nearly in financial ruin. Without going through all the gory details, suffice to say this was due to years of mismanagement and inattention. When she came the hospital was hemorrhaging money. In the last 3 years she has at least managed to plug the leaks and establish a positive cash flow. We're not making a bundle, but we're holding our own.

She has made many tough and unpopular decisions, decisions that had to be made for the hospital to survive. Some folks that were not towing the line had to go. Sad but true.

The other day I caught wind of some of the scuttlebutt going around town at the local grill and the beauty shop and all those other places where ignorant people congregate to gossip. The gist of the conversation was, "That woman is just ruining the hospital." Of course I got wind of no specifics at all. I doubt the people running their mouths know any specifics.

I have come to learn that it is usually the most ignorant, stupid, and bigoted people that end up running their mouths the loudest. These same people are not privy to the monthly financial statements. I am. These same people have not witnessed "that woman" agonize over some of the decisions she has had to make. I have. These people are not in the thick of things as far as the day to day operations of the hospital are concerned. I am. I know first hand how much better off we are than we were two years ago.

I told a group the other day that if the administrator were a man and a southerner instead of a woman and a yankee, that there would not be near the furor over some of the "horrible" things she has done.

That's right. I am ashamed to say that there are a ton of people in this area that are so small minded and bigoted that they will believe a woman and an outsider is not up to the task, regardless of results.

My Daddy always told me that if you don't know what you're talking about, you can at least have the courtesy to just shut up. Good advice I would think for many of our townsfolk.

Whew! I feel better now!


  1. I had no idea this negative talk was going on. Shame on these people.

    The administrator is doing the hard work that her predecessor failed to do and in most cases created the problems himself.


    Deborah F. Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Sounds like your daddy gave you some good advice. Often when I go to a site to leave a comment I will see a post on a subject I know little about then I usually move on and leave the commenting to others. Nothing is as bad as a dumb remark about an important subject.