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Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is the Allure?

I just read that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg spent over 100 million dollars in his quest for re-election as mayor. I also read that soon to be former New Jersey governor, Jon Corzine spent over $100 million dollars in his recent combined senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns.

I just don't get it. These guys have got more money than sense, which is fine, more power to them. If I was this loaded though, I sure as hell wouldn't be a bit interested in politics. I'd think I could find something a whole lot more interesting on which to spend my money.

Then once these guys get in to power, most of them make bonehead laws, raise our taxes, and regulate the hell out of anything that crawls. In spite of all his spending, Corzine got his sorry ass voted out for more or less driving New Jersey into a sh*t hole.

What is it? Is it the thirst for power? Is it the need to control? I just don't get it. What is really a shame is that there are probably tons of average people out there who love America and its constitution and would make far better politicians than these Bozos.

Sadly, money talks and BS walks, so we'll never hear from any of them. Instead the political parties (both Republican and Dimocrat) will continue to stick more Bloombergs and Corzines under our noses.

Indeed these people are completely out of touch with the ideas of average Americans. The actions of congress in the face of an outraged public proves this over and over again.

It's no wonder the left hates Sarah Palin so. She's plain, she's middle class, she's not particularly brilliant on a political level, but she is exactly the kind of politician we need to see filling the seats in both the congress and the executive branch.


  1. I'm almost finished with her book. Those who hate her say she is just whining and blaming others for her failures. But that is false. She shines the light of truth on everyone she came into contact with, good or bad. She praises those who did a good job and she blasts those who did not.

    This book is simply telling the truth behind the scenes of what happened in the election, and it also goes back into her life from childhood, which allows readers to see and understand who she is.

    I feel more inclined to vote for her, if she runs for office, that I did before reading the book, and I've always been a fan.

    Just one example of the way she and Todd raise their children. Bristol finished high school after having her baby. She entered college, works two jobs to pay for her baby's diapers, formula, etc. while working toward her college degree. She does this without complaint, because that is how she was raised.

    Palin has worked all her life. The Left made fun of her for attending different colleges and taking 5 years to get her degree. She explains that she had to take that long because she had to work to pay for her tuition etc.

    Right Truth

  2. You have it exactly right about Sarah---she will be the right woman at the right time and I'm leaning in her direction. Huckabee is a cooked goose after the Washington state shooting. And as for those politicians spending tens and hundreds of millions on re-elections, I believe it to be an uncontrolable lust for power. These people think they have the answers for all that ails society and they think they should impose these ideas on all of us for we are too stupid to take care of ourselves. In their minds they can do it for us.

  3. All of which is exactly the reason I will probablly NEVER be elected Grand Poo Bah of All Things Etherial or Paternal, not to mention Dogcatcher, Mayor, Senator nor President! Washington is NOT the place for an HONEST PERSON, sadly enough!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I am really fed up with the ststus quo in Washington. I have never just sat things out in an election, but unless 2010 and 2012 show me something new and exciting, I may do just that.