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Monday, December 7, 2009

Are We Prepared for War? Nah.......

Sweet wifey put a post on her blog tonight about the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Go HERE to read. She asks if we are prepared for an attack on our country today.

Sadly, we are not.

In the first place, we have failed and indeed refuse to identify the enemy. RADICAL ISLAM.

We have Muslims in the military. This should not be, at least not at this time in history, but we're too worried about being politically correct and too worried about offending someone to take the bull by the horns and face the stone cold truth.

After the shooting at Ft. Hood, General Casey is more worried about a "backlash for Muslim US soldiers" than he is about facing the fact that this was an act of terrorism foisted upon the army by a hateful ideology bent on destroying us and everything we believe in. They hate us simply for who we are and what we believe and hold dear. There is no negotiating with this.

Instead, General Casey should be figuring out a way to get Muslims out of the military.

Unfortunately, the enemy against America is even greater than radical Islam. We have an internal cancer that is tearing apart the fiber that made this country great.

I have many examples:

Instead of pinning medals on our brave navy seals, we want to court martial them for "roughing up" some terrorist. They should have just shot the bastard.

The left wants to ban any mention of religion and at the same time they praise as art a crucifix in a jar of urine.

Based on the hoax of man made global warming the populace slowly but surely cedes freedom as they let the gubment tell us what kind of cars to drive, where to set the thermostat in our homes, and what kind of light bulbs we can and cannot have.

They tell us we cannot drill for our own oil.

They tell us we cannot burn coal (our most abundant energy resource).

They tell us we cannot build more oil refineries.

They tell us we cannot build more nuclear plants.

Instead they tell us we have to build windmills, put up solar panels, and grow corn to make into ethanol when it is painfully obvious these methods will not meet the energy needs of a growing high tech society.

At the same time people who could eat the corn used for ethanol are starving.

Third world nations are stifled by the global warmers and are denied the technology they need to advance and succeed.

They tell we can't smoke and at the same time fund their stupid healthcare programs with tobacco tax dollars.

They tax us when we work. They tax us when we spend. They tax our private property. They tax us when we die. If they could tax the air we breathe, they would do that too (better not givem any ideas).

Our national debt is into the multi-trillions and the gubment continues to print money and spend. Then they say things like they are going to take part of the unspent stimulus money (which they did not have in the first place) and reduce the national debt with it…………….I think I'll pay off my Visa with my Mastercard……..it's the same thing.

What remains of freedom in the world today would not be here were it not for our great nation, yet this disgrace we have for a president will never miss an opportunity to bow down or make nice to some dictator thug. He will never miss an opportunity to "apologize" for the United States in front of the world.

General McChrystal asked Obama for 40,000 troops in Afghanistan in order to WIN THE DAMMED WAR!

Mr. President it took you MONTHS to finally decide and send him 30,000 and then you turn around and say you'll start pulling them out in 2011!


Are we prepared for an attack? HELL NO!

This could go on forever. I'm gonna quit now! Do you think I'm steamed?


  1. I think you are correct, and you have every right to be steamed. You've described the situation perfectly. Now the question is, "what's the answer?".

    What do we do to turn things around without total civil war or a nation dividing itself? It starts with people like Sarah Palin, the Tea Party participants, the Rush Limbaugh listeners, the Town Hall folks who bravely asked the right questions, and yes even those who follow Glenn Beck.

    Beck may come across as a loon, but he is teaching his viewers what this country was founded on, the founding fathers, their beliefs, their view of what this country should ( and could ) be.

    We build on all of the above and vote out all the lifers in Washington.

    We start with people like you, sweet hubby, speaking out, standing up, and not being cowed by the Liberals, Socialists, Islamists, ...

    Right Truth

  2. Grouch, you've just put into words what everyone in their "RIGHT" mind is thinking... This country of ours has been hijacked by a bunch of ass kissing idiots who are so afraid of offending someone that they are putting our national security at risk...

    Debbie, you make a great point, it is going to take a concerted effort by all of us to turn this country around and being PC just isn't going to cut it... As crazy as this may sound (and will never happen) I think Ted Nugent would make a great president... Read "Ted White and Blue" and what he would do in his first 100 minutes in office... You also have to love a guy who believes in "Enola Gay Rights"...

  3. Yeah, Ted Nugent would be okay with me. I hope that the country can defecate some of the Washington DC morons in 2010.

  4. DAMN!!! I HATES it when yo is RIGHT! Yo wascally Wabbit! Seriously, you are entirely correct! We are up defication waterways, politically, militarily, and just about any oher way you want to look at it! Just remember, Vote em out in 2010 and don't Renig in 2012!!!

  5. Lizzard, I am ALWAYS right. Don't doubt me....